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Dig Into the World of Hair Extensions

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The famous English actress- Kate Winslet changed various hair colors in the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.’ She gained popularity worldwide for her glorious experiments with blue, orange, and other popping colors, becoming the talk of the town among women and men.

While they aspire to enhance their appearance and change their hair color every month, it can lead to severe and irreversible damage to the natural hair.

Dying hair frequently can strip the hair of natural oils, causing dryness, brittleness, and split ends.

So, how can they get the color or style they wish for? Here is a solution: Hair Extensions. They are the quickest way to add volume, get curls, wavy hair or fringes, and bulk up flat hair in minutes without running to the salon and spending considerable money to get their hair done.

However, choosing the right extension that suits the natural hair and face cut can be overwhelming and is the hardest part. Many options are available online, from clip-in hair to Keratin bonds and tape-in hair extensions.

Let’s go through the most popular extensions to determine how each differs.

Clip-In Extensions

It is no longer a secret that stylists and celebrities love clip-in extensions. They are hair pieces attached to a metal chip clipped in and out of the hair. The clip-in extensions have a variety of wefts of different lengths, making them a versatile product. They are lightweight, easy to apply, and affordable.

With these extensions, it is easier for a person to play with the length and thickness of hair. Need a professional look without leaving the house or visiting a salon? These extensions can save you time and come in various options and colors.

Buying a good-quality clip-in extension is always advisable. They not only give a clean look but also last long. Clip-in extensions are a go-to choice for beginners. But, make sure that the clips are light in weight to prevent falling off of the extension.

It is also essential to look for a color that matches the natural hair color. These extensions can be dyed into the colour of choice. People with darker roots have the upper hand here as the metal clips of the clip-in extension blend in with the natural hair.

Tape-in Extensions

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While clip-in extensions are easy to fix and remove from natural hair, tape-in extensions are the opposite. These extensions consist of thin wefts that have a strip of medical-grade adhesive tape on one side. This specialized tape is designed to securely attach to the natural hair without causing damage.

Before applying tape-in extensions, it is crucial that the natural hair is thoroughly cleaned with shampoo and well-conditioned. This ensures that the hair is free from any oils or residue that might prevent the adhesive from bonding properly.

Once the hair is prepared, the professional stylist will carefully place the tape-in wefts onto small sections of natural hair, positioning them close to the scalp but not on it. The extensions are then sandwiched with another layer of natural hair on top, which helps to conceal the tape and blend the extensions seamlessly with the natural hair.

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The durability of the medical-grade adhesive means that normal activities such as washing or heat styling will not weaken the bond. Proper care and maintenance can allow these extensions to last for several weeks, providing a long-lasting transformation that looks and feels natural.

Tape-in extensions are particularly favored for their ability to provide volume and length while maintaining a flat and unobtrusive appearance at the scalp, making them ideal for those seeking a natural look with minimal visibility of the extensions themselves.

Though it can last up to 6 weeks, the durability of the extension depends on how well the person keeps the hair clean so that the glue does not lose its nature due to grease and oil. Also, the person should remove it once the hair grows out. While the tape-in extension comes in different hair textures and colors, buy the one that suits your natural hair.

The best part about these extensions is that they are lightweight. The hair sandwiched between the two extensions balances the weight, making it light. Therefore, these extensions do not damage the roots.

Also, with these extensions, keeping hair healthy becomes more accessible.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

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They are different from clip-in and tape-in extensions. Sew-in hair extensions offer a distinct and more durable alternative to clip-in and tape-in extensions, making them particularly favored by individuals with thick hair. Unlike other types of extensions that might slip or move, sew-ins are securely attached to the wearer’s natural hair.

This method involves braiding the natural hair into cornrows (also known as tracks) and then using a needle and thread to sew the extension wefts directly onto these braids. This sewing method ensures that the extensions are very stable and virtually impossible to fall out, providing a long-lasting solution for those seeking volume and length without frequent maintenance.

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Due to the tightness of the cornrows and the weight of the extensions, this technique can put considerable strain on the scalp and hair roots. The tension can be uncomfortable or even painful, which makes sew-in extensions less suitable for those with thin or sensitive scalps as they can lead to stress and damage to the underlying hair.

Sew-in extensions can also be integrated into wigs, where they follow a similar application process, offering a more permanent wig solution compared to those with detachable components.

It’s crucial to note that the creation of cornrows and the sewing in of hair extensions require a skilled hand. Only experienced and trained professionals should perform this task to ensure the health of the hair and scalp and to achieve the best aesthetic result.

The expertise of the stylist is critical in minimizing scalp tension and ensuring that the extensions look natural and blend seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair.

Such extensions can last up to 8 weeks. To reduce damage, it requires proper conditioning from the scalp to the end of the hair.

Keratin Bond Extensions

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Keratin bond extensions leverage the natural protein found in hair, making them a safe and non-damaging option for enhancing one’s hair. Since keratin is a primary component of hair, these extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair, ensuring a natural look and feel.

The process involves the use of small keratin bonds that are carefully fused to the natural hair using a heat tool. This method allows for a secure attachment that can last up to five months with proper maintenance, offering a long-term solution for hair enhancement.

These extensions are especially popular among individuals seeking a fuller hair appearance or those looking to experiment with color without exposing their natural hair to the harsh chemicals found in dyes and bleaches.

Keratin bonds make it easy to achieve highlights and color variations while maintaining the integrity of the natural hair. This method preserves the health of one’s own hair while still allowing for a dramatic, customizable change.