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Top 6 Highest Paying Online Casinos in 2024

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Maybe you are not aware, but all of the slot machines in every casino in the world have an algorithm that calculates RPT, which is short for return-to-player. This means that every slot machine in the world has the percentage determined that will return to the players. The higher this percentage is something that we know as the house edge is lower. So, when the house edge is lower, you have more chances of earning some additional money on these. We can see that some of these are pretty transparent when it comes to this percentage. At the same time, we can see that some of them are not so open when it comes to this kind of information. We should say that there is not an option for a house edge on card games that can have multiple participators since this is a competitive game where a player needs to beat his opponents. These games come with a different set of elements that determine the winner.

Plus, it should be known that the situation with online and real-life casinos is different. If you would like to see how the newest online casinos looks like, be sure to visit parhaat-nettikasinot.com. When you are in the situation where you are about to choose the online casino where you will play these games, you need to be aware of a couple of things. There is absolutely no reason why shouldn’t do this since your money is in question, of course. We can see that from time to time, players win a high amount of money in these. Therefore, we would like to talk about online casinos that can be considered the highest paying ones. Maybe you will be surprised to learn that some of them have a higher percentage of payouts than others. Therefore, we’ve made a decision to provide you with a list of the highest paying online casinos you can visit in 2024.

1. Dream Vegas

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Maybe you didn’t know, but there is the thing that determines which online casinos have the highest payout. This is calculated by the RTP percentage. Maybe you will be surprised that Dream Vegas online casino has a 97.8% RTP percentage. Since his percentage is so high, there is absolutely no competition if we are talking about this field. Even though the name of this online casino has Vegas in its name, you should know that this is a UK-based website. Even though it is pretty hard to talk about RTP in many different casinos all over the world, based on our knowledge, this one has the highest of them all.

2. PartyCasino

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In case you were not aware, PartyCasino is a company responsible for hosting PartyPoker, which is one of the most popular sites for poker players. Even though this is one of the most popular online casinos ever, this doesn’t mean that the house edge is behind its success and wealth. In fact, this is an online casino that offers 97.5% RTP, which is the second-highest one we’ve been able to find. This is a pretty massive company that has a lot of players from all over the world. It a perfect interface and the site has exceptional functionality, which only adds to its popularity. We would recommend anyone to try it out.

3. Casimba

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Casimba is a casino launched back in 2017. Over the years, it can be seen that it was always present in lists that talked about the casinos that have the highest RTP. In 2024, we can see that its return-to-player percentage is 97%. Since it was launched, it was always considered one of the most popular online casinos in the world. It should be pointed out that it has a lot of different players from every corner of the world. Also, you will be able to play a wide array of different slot games. However, we would like to state that you should also participate in other casino games, not only slots.

4. Dunder Casino

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Dunder Casino was launched back in 2016. It doesn’t matter this is a website that is relatively new to the world of gambling, it managed to attract a high number of players over time. One of the things that make it pretty popular among players is that you will be able to play games on their own platform, which is mobile-friendly, which only adds to its popularity. It can be said that it is equally popular among people who are newbies and those who have a lot of experience with gambling. Its RTP is 97%, which is one of the highest we’ve been able to stumble across.

5. NetBet

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Now, we would like to talk about one of the oldest online casinos. NETBET was founded back in 2001. Over the years, this became one of the most important and most popular of them all. You will be able to play many different games, both live or not. Most importantly, it is credited with a license given by a gambling commission in its native country, the United Kingdom. When you sign up, you will be provided with a thousand free spins and a deposit of 200 pounds. When it comes to the RTP, it’s known that it has one of the highest ones, 96.6%. This is not all since you will be able to participate in bingo and sports betting. Thankfully, you will be able to claim different bonuses.

6. Betway

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Last but not least, we would like to talk about absolute giants in the world of online casinos. We are talking about Betway. This one patiently built its reputation among players thanks to the wide array of games that they are offering to their players. At one-point, Betway teamed up with Microgaming, and the result was an exceptional platform they can offer to their players. When it comes to slot games, you will be able to choose a high number of them. When we see the combination of 96% RTP and all the bonuses you will have at your disposal, you will see that this is one of the best casinos you will find. To learn more about these bonuses, click here.