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Everything That You Need to Know About Live Dealer Games

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With the constant developments of online casinos, one of the more recent inventions in the world of online casinos are live dealer games. Online casino developers have been working their way through to change the way casino games are viewed and played, and they want to give the ultimate casino experience to the players at home. This is how the concept of live dealers came into being. Online casinos such as best-casino-list have added the feature of live dealers as part of their websites where you have the option of playing with an actual dealer at a casino. This is a huge upgrade from playing with a bot and a computer because it really humanizes the experience and makes it seems real. It is an added advantage for people who live in places where there are no online casinos nearby.

1. The level of interaction

One of the reasons why people love the whole casino experience is because of the interesting conversations you have with the people around you and the dealer. You will be able to do this while being in your room. Being able to interact with an actual dealer really optimizes the whole experience because you will be in conversation with an actual human being. If you are a social person, then this is a great way to have some banter with someone.

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2. It is incredibly convenient

If you are a creature of comfort, then you will really appreciate this feature because you can access the whole casino experience at the luxury of being comfortable in your own bed. Even if you don’t feel like going to casino because it involves making a lot of effort, or you might not even have the option to do that; the casino will come to you. Some people don’t particularly enjoy the atmosphere because of the intoxicated people around, the loud music and more, so for them the live dealer option is a more toned down version.

3. You get more bonuses

This is contrary to the land based casino, but online you get the option of bonuses that you can make the most out of. It is a great way to make some extra money on top of your current winning, and live dealers tend to be generous with the bonuses they are offering because they want more people to use this feature.

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4. You will be at ease

For some people, they find it comforting that the cards are being dealt by an actual person and that they are able to see the whole process because they may not trust the random number generators on online casinos. If you are one of those people you should really try the live dealer feature out. It also makes it a lot more exciting because you will be on edge to see how the results unfold.

5. Excellent customer support

Live dealer websites tend to be famous for their customer support services, because they are always available to help their customers with any queries they may have. When it comes to online casinos, customer success is an essential aspect of their operations because they need to keep bringing in more and more customers. To do this they firstly have to ensure that the existing customer are happy with the service of the online casino, and secondly they have to ensure that the customer support team is prompt enough to address new customers because they tend to be apprehensive in the beginning regarding different things, especially the payment processes. In order to ease their worries, the customer support team ensures that they are a trustworthy website.

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How are live casinos different from online casinos?

While both of them essentially fall into the same category of casino entertainment, live casinos offer you a lot more features as compared to the online casinos. The live casinos, since they give you access through video, are more realistic and you feel like you are actually there. They aim to make the player feel as if they are in a private gambling room, with all of the aesthetics of one such as the wallpaper, music, and more. When you play games like roulette and craps, you enjoy the experience more because such games require a certain level of interaction that cannot be fulfilled by playing with computers. Moreover, the presence of a dealer can actually be quite comforting to some people, as it adds an element of reliability to the whole thing. Here are some games that you can play on live casinos now:


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Roulette is an extremely popular casino game, that involves a revolving wheel. The entire game is mostly controlled by the dealer who will ask you to roll the dice. This is the kind of casino game that is not the same with the regular online casinos, because you have a very important figure missing which is the dealer, which is exactly why it is perfect to play with live casinos. It adds to the excitement of actually being able to see what numbers are being rolled, and pulled up.


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Poker is also one of those games that feels different when you are playing with actual people.

There are many casinos out there that have different versions of the game on the live casinos. There will be a dealer present who will constantly be talking to you as he is dealing your cards or shuffling them. The way the whole thing is set up will take you to the casino environment even if you are in your bedroom.


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Just like poker, blackjack is also a lot more enjoyable if you play with real dealers. While this may seem like a potential opportunity for people to cheat on it, especially those who are excellent at card reading, you can be assured that the used cards are discarded right away.