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5 Awesome Facts About Roulette That You Didn’t Know

Craps and Roulette are the two oldest games that you can find in the casinos of today. Furthermore, they can be found in all of the online casinos that are pretty popular today. The oldest recording of dice games is at the time of Caesar in ancient Rome. However, there are shreds of evidence that they were used for different games a huge chunk of time before that. Roman warriors needed a game to spend their time between battles. Here is a fun fact for you, the first dices were made from sheep bones, and sometimes they were made from human bones.  If you think that roulette appeared out of thin air, you are mistaken. The history of Roulette doesn’t go that far in history. However, we are certain that it is far more interesting than the previous one. Now famous and the popular Roulette wheel was made by Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, and inventor.

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Initially, his intention wasn’t to make a casino game. His first aim was to make a perpetual motion machine, which he did back in 1655. According to physics, it is not possible to make a machine that works by drawing energy from an external source. As you might presume, the experiment Pascal was trying to achieve failed. However, this occurrence marked the birth of the most popular casino game ever.  It is funny to learn that the zero, that little green field in the sea of red and black, wasn’t initially part of the Roulette. The famous zero was added to the wheel in the middle 19th century. The changes started when two Frenchmen Lois and Francois Blanc created a roulette wheel with a zero, greenfield on it. This was their personal gift for Monaco’s monarch King Charles III. The zero was an important part of the new design because it gave the house a bigger edge. Several years after that, King Charles III opened the first casino in the world and brought the roulette to everyone who wanted to participate. All the rest about Monaco and gambling is a pretty well-known history. This was not the end when it comes to the updating of roulettes design. When the device arrived in the US, back in the 1800s, the house was given even more edge than it had with one zero. In the US, people decided that they want to add one green field that features 00. So, instead of having 37 fields as it had back in Europe, now it had 38. To be more precise, 0, 00, and 1-36 numbers. Now, as we finished our talk about a short history of roulette, we are going to talk about 5 facts about roulette that you never heard about. If this all gives you roulette fever, you could check out this website to satisfy that urge.

The Devil’s Wheel

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All the versions of roulette, both those who feature 0 and 00, are called “Devil’s Wheel”. There are two reasons for this nickname. The first one is when you add all of the numbers that appear on the wheel, you will have 666 as a result. For those who don’t know, this number is frequently called “The Number of the Beast”. The other reason is that this device sends people to hell. Naturally, hell, in this case, is a substitute for credit ratings or something similar. At first, the numbers that are located on the wheel were in non-sequential order. The reason for this was to avoid the potential cheating or biased wheels that could potentially favor one side to the other, according to best-online-casino.in.

The Little Wheel

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The name of this popular casino game, roulette, comes for a French term that was used for a little wheel. As we said in the previous part of our article, the original intention of Blaise Pascal was to create a wheel that could demonstrate perpetual motion. However, there are some thoughts that claim that the name of this game is derived from the English game named “Roly Poly”. The truth behind the name of roulette is never going to be proved, but that doesn’t mean that we should not guess. Especially when we have several theories to work with.

James Bond

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Most likely you watched at least three James Bond movies during your lifetime. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, this character was always considered to be one of the most popular in the whole history of movies, more specifically, Hollywood. There is something that you never saw in a “Bond” movie. That thing is that James Bond is a big roulette player. These scenes can be found in books like we said they were never depicted in movies. One more interesting thing is that his favorite number was 17. Also, in books, James Bond likes to play his own betting system that is called “two dozen”. There are other movies that feature popular scenes with roulette like “Run Lola Run” and “Casablanca”.

Joseph Jagger

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In 1873, there was a man called Joseph Jagger who had several assistants that helped him to find some roulettes that were defective. The reason for this search was because he wanted to take advantage. Many years later, a man called Charles Deville Wells was inspired by the tale of Jagger and broke casino in Monte Caro by notching up 23 spins in a row with just a bankroll of $6,000. His story and the song that was created in 1892 “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” made this gut a living legend at that time.

Ashely Revell

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Ten years ago, Ashley Revell, a businessman sold all of his possessions and decided that he wants to put all of his money on Red in one casino in Las Vegas. This was one of the riskiest moves that were ever seen around that time. All of his possession had a value of $136,000. Thankfully, his Red position came up at the wheel and he used all his winnings to create a betting company. Some people are believing that this was just a stunt to increase the publicity of Revell’s new business. However, we don’t believe that nobody is this crazy, to be honest.