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7 Etiquette of Giving Whiskey as a Gift

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The practice of giving gifts to the people close to you has been around since the dawn of modern civilization. In some form, this custom has been present for thousands of years, across multiple cultures that developed and changed independently, and then together when the far corners of the world finally started to meet and mix. Nowadays, in the modern society, we give gifts for all sorts of special occasions as well as without any special meaning apart from showing affection and love for the person.

But what do you buy for what occasion? Are there any rules, expectations, or traditional customs that dictate what you should buy? Of course, the most obvious example of a tradition comes in the form of giving flowers to the women in your life. It can serve both as a main gift, and as an accompanying gift. When it comes to other occasions, particularly your male friends and male members of your family, is there an alternative? There might be actually and it comes in the form of alcoholic beverages, particularly fine whisky.

Giving whisky as a gift is a common practice today mainly when a guy has a birthday, a graduation, any type of personal celebration, or just as a housewarming gift. But when did it start and what is the etiquette behind it? If you have never gifted somebody a bottle of whiskey and would like to start doing so, first of all you have to know that you absolutely should. The main thing you need to know though is how and when to do it, and what kind of whiskey do get. We will help you right as a matter of fact. If you are interested in learning more about whiskeys as well as browsing a wide selection of top-tier bottles, make sure to check out https://www.glenscotia.com/collections/loch-lomond-whiskies.

The Recipient

In terms of giving somebody a bottle of whiskey as a gift, it is all about who it is that you are surprising with it. In the following sections we will go over who the bottle is for and tell reveal to you what you have to pay the most attention to.

1. Your Boss

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If there is an occasion where your boss is the person of the hour, you should definitely not buy something cheap. You should also not buy something very expensive since the boss knows your financial situation and may find it strange. Therefore, bottles in the upper-middle price range of above-average premium quality should do just fine. You could check what they usually drink and buy them something similar as well, but if you are a fan as well it would be better to share your favorite kind with them and have them try a bottle. Regarding the presentation, it would be best to give the whiskey on its own, without a bag or any wrapping. Make sure you are in a one-on-one situation and that you keep it private. It is classier and more formal like that. The older the whiskey and the larger the bottle, the longer it will stay in their cabinet reminding them of who gave it to them. Regarding the glasses, keep it simple with tumblers.

2. Friend’s Birthdays

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There is no special etiquette here since everyone is different. Some of your friends may not even like whiskey, or alcohol altogether. For those who do however, make sure you go with something interesting, new, limited, or peculiar. Anyone can give them a regular bottle. You want something wacky and unique that will make them remember you whenever they reach for a glass. A great option is a cool whiskey decanter. Keep it premium with quality. The price should be somewhere slightly above the average. Since it will not be regular bottle, you can go somewhat over the price of a basic variety. Present it with a card and alongside some flowers if it is a lady. You can pack it in a box or a bottle gift bag too, and include a neat whiskey glass.

3. Holidays

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During the seasons of giving and major yearly holidays, whiskeys have become a staple gift particularly with family members and friends you regularly see. So much so is this true in fact that there are usually people from whom others expect to get a bottle as that is their trademark gift. Bargain and mid-range quality and prices are what you will want to aim for here. More often than not, the bottle is opened during the very celebration you are invited to, meaning you should not splurge on something high-end and limited that will sit on the shelf for years to come. Gift bags, boxes, baskets, and similar arrangements with other chocolaty and flowery details and gifts are all an option regarding the presentation. Skip the glasses with holidays and swap them for a food or a snack that pairs well with the bottle.

4. Milestones

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For a special day like that come only a few times in life like weddings, anniversaries, births, and graduations, the whiskey should be premium at least. The occasion is premium after all, and so should the bottle. It is a huge occasion, either in terms of the party thrown and people attending, or the significance of the situation. In any case, the bottle will be treasured and kept for years, perhaps decades, reminding the owner of the occasion. A fine bottle that you rarely buy should be what you are browsing for. The presentation can also be special. One of the more popular things to do here is to engrave something the label or the bottle, like the date and your name for example, or some good wishes for the person. The bottle instantly becomes a sentimental gift and not just a bottle of fine spirit. The fact you made it custom means there is none other like it on the planet and it becomes that much more treasured and important.

5. Father-in-Law – A bottle of fine whiskey he is already fond to replace the one on his shelf that is running low.

6. For a Bachelor Party – A bottle of strong whiskey with a good taste that will help the guys get buzzed quick while enjoying it.

7. Office Parties – Something universal that everyone will be able to enjoy at the very party.