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4 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Date

Some couples decide to get married on an absolutely random day that is not related to anything important to them, or it doesn’t depend on the approval of the family. One of the most common questions the couple gets is when they are going to get married. Sometimes the wished day is not free in the church or the venue they want. Depending on the type of celebration they prefer, they are either very limited or have plenty of options for their date. It’s a huge step, and there are a lot of details to be planned. Surely, it’s frustrating when you have to plan so many steps, just for one day. The couple usually ends tired at the end of that day, but the guests are those who will remember that.

And as the plans are going by, and invitations are sent, some guests have a hard time choosing their “plus one”, as invited. It’s easy for those who have a partner or married couples. But, what to do those who are single, or in an open relationship they don’t show off a lot? There are some practical solutions, and some of them are really creative too.

Surely we’ve watched a lot of movies when someone asks a coworker to act as a partner, or a friend to act like they are engaged. But, situations like that exist in real life too. Here we will mention some interesting tips on how to do that, without attracting more attention than the couple:

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1. Ask a close friend to come with you

Your “plus one” doesn’t necessarily need to be a romantic partner or someone you are in a relationship with. Today, you are free to ask everyone to join you, if you aren’t invited all alone. Probably you have at least one friend who can come with you. It’s normal, and not everyone can come with someone they have romantically involved it. But, if the couple insists to come with someone, ask your friend to come with you – surely you will have a great and entertaining time together, and you will have a great story to tell the other friends and topics of discussions for months too.

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2. Merge with someone who is invited too

If you know someone who is invited with their date, you can ask them to go together. That’s how you are saving expenses for two more people, and maybe the couple has someone to invite to fill that gap. They will all be satisfied, and you won’t need to take anyone the couple doesn’t know to their most important day.

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3. Hire someone to come with you

There are people who will come with you everywhere with you if you have an attractive offer to them. If you know what we mean. On Escorts Liaison you can choose a person based close to you, so you won’t have expenses for trips and other additional things that may increase the price. But, you must be aware that these women aren’t for having fun with them or something else after the party. They are there to join you on important events you want to attend, that require you to bring a date with you. The whole thing ends up when the paid time is over. Don’t mix things with another situation and different types of service. Make sure everything goes fine, without a lot of questions from the relatives. If someone is asking a lot after the event, you can tell them that thing was over and you moved on with your life.

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4. Go alone

Why not? There is nothing wrong with going alone to weddings you are invited to. You will anyway meet some people you already know, and talk to them. Also, you can act like you are in a hurry, and leave earlier. There is no reason to make excuses why you are alone, especially if the couple who invited you to know that you don’t have a partner to come with you. On the other hand, you can even invite your sister and brother, have fun a few hours, and then run away, before even the newlyweds leave to do their honeymoon trip.

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Other important wedding rules for guests

Every wedding can have a concept. They can be traditional, extravagant, or even themed ones. You need to meet the couple’s requirements in order to have a good time there. When it comes to date, if you want to come alone, and you are sure you will have a great time, then you don’t need to ask anyone to join you.

If you decide to bring someone, you must be polite and show your good manners. Many people enjoyed the rules of the pandemic because they could avoid these types of events. For some people, it can be a real struggle to be present at ceremonies, and if they don’t want to come, we all have to understand them.

When it comes to clothes, you can put a little effort to look more elegant than usual, except if the couple asks for something else. Themed weddings are pretty common nowadays, and if it’s organized in a garden or a beach, you don’t need to be that official.

Sometimes, the couples may list their do’s and don’ts and you need to be respectful of that. In that list, they can mention if you are invited alone or with a partner, should you take your kids, is it allowed to take photos of the inventory or the cake before the official photos come up, and so on.

Many weddings were destroyed in the past because of social media streams and other types of unwanted behavior. If you are invited to that wedding, you need to appreciate that. But if you don’t feel like going there, you have a complete right to say that you aren’t able to come. You can even come up with creative excuses – luckily we all have the pandemic and vaccines to help us avoid things we don’t want.