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We All Know About Lip Fillers, But What Are They Actually?

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What can lip fillers actually do for me? Lip fillers have become a very popular cosmetic treatment for patients who seek to improve both the depth and the overall appearance of their lips. As with any medical treatment, there are potential risks with any procedure, but lip fillers are much safer than other, more drastic alternatives such as invasive plastic surgery. That being said, lip fillers are not a one Trick pony! While they are primarily known for adding more permanent fullness to a patients’ lips, lip fillers can also correct lip roughness, smooth out uneven lip edges, and improve lip texture overall.

So what is lip filler? Lip fillers are a widely available cosmetic procedure that can be found at different places, especially in big cities like NYC. Lip fillers are made from a combination of synthetic and natural substances. Restylane, which is actually a synthetic substance derived from petroleum, is the most common ingredient in cosmetic injectable fillers today. Lip fillers made from collagen, fat, or hyaluronic acid are also available. The most effective cosmetic injectable fillers tend to be made from these three substances. Interestingly enough, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based filler, of which there are many. Restylane comes with several branches of different dermal fillers that are all appropriate for use in different areas of the face and body. Other popular hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers used in the lips include fillers of the Juvederm line, and Belotero. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, there will be one filler that will suit you, your lips, and your goals the best.

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Why are lip fillers used to give patients more fullness? The primary reason is that it can be difficult for people to obtain the natural look of fuller lips because they are born with less lip shape. The natural appearance of one’s lips is related to the amount of fatty tissue that is surrounding the lips. Lip fillers help to fill in the fatty tissue so that it appears to have less fat underneath. This helps to enhance the overall appearance of the lips. It also helps to reduce lip swelling, which occurs with thinner lips. Lip fillers can be used in many other ways. Not only do people with thin lips get lip fillers, but people who have asymmetry or uneven lips, may want to get lip fillers to even out their lips overall.

In addition to being effective, another benefit of cosmetic dermal injections such as lip fillers is that they are safe. There are some dangers associated with surgical procedures, but there are very few risks involved with using lip fillers. For example, a patient who has been using lip fillers for a number of years and wants to have a revision procedure performed should not have any reaction to the anesthesia he/she will receive during the procedure. There are also very few risks when it comes to restylane, as it is completely synthetic. Another huge benefit of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers is that they are completely dissolvable. Hyaluronic acid based fillers can be dissolved and eliminated through the injection of hyaluronidase, of which there are also various brands, though Hylenex seems to be the most popular one on the market. You can get more information on lip fillers and dissolving them by doing research on company websites that offer these amazing treatments.

Another option that is similar to lip filler surgery is the use of Teosyal Kiss. Teosyal kiss is a lip filler that actually contains natural lipids, rather than synthetic ingredients. Teosyal kiss is similar to lip gloss in that it does not contain hydroxyl radicals that cause sun damage. In fact, teosyal kiss is non-comedogenic (which means it prevents lipstick wear by preventing lipstick particles from clogging up with oils and dirt). While this method is less common, it is worth talking to your injector about all of your options, to confirm that you find the perfect method to match your lips.

Speaking of lip gloss, there are also some great lip plumpers out there which are often compared to lip fillers. Keep in mind though, that they will certainly not match the result of a genuine lip filler, and on top of that, will only last you about ten minutes before you need to reapply your lip plumping gloss.

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There are many other options available when it comes to facial and lip rejuvenation, such as Botox. When it comes to Botox, it is important to realize that the injections are not permanent. This means that any Botox treatment you get will wear off over the course of 3 – 5 months. Botox is often used in addition to or in place of a lip filler in the form of what is called a lip flip. Lip flips involve the injection of only a few units of Botox right above the lip, which creates a “flipping” effect, lifting the top lip upward, making your overall top lip look a little bigger. This is common amongst first timers, or people who want to add a little extra flip to their lip.

There are other options when it comes to dermabrasion and filler injections. For one, if you have a history of large, unattractive lips, you may opt to undergo a lip implant that contains titanium. One of the benefits of dermabrasion is that the patient does not have to undergo an injection; however, the process does take longer. In addition, the skin around the implant can become irritated, which can prevent a person from achieving the desired result. Finally, if there is a problem with the implant, the body may reject it, causing another set of problems. This is why lip implants are very uncommon, and not usually recommended to anyone.

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So what are the pros and cons of the different lip fillers? There is no question that injections can be very effective for eliminating unsightly wrinkles, as well as for improving the shape and volume of the lips. For people who are considering a permanent cosmetic procedure, it is best to talk to a qualified physician at a board-certified plastic surgeon facility to find out more information about the different products on the market.