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Erik Per Sullivan Net Worth 2024

Eric Per Sullivan is an American actor who has been in the Hollywood showbiz ever since he was a kid. If you are interested to see some details from Per Sullivan’s personal life, as well as his net worth in this year, take a closer look in our article.


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Eric Per Sullivan was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is located in the United States of America. He was born on July 21, 1991, which makes his zodiac sign Cancer. His mother’s name is Ann, and his father is Fred Sullivan. Eric went to Mount Saint Charles Academy but later shifted to Phillips Exeter Academy. Afterward, he attended the University of Southern California, and he went to acting lessons at KD College. Eric was also practicing playing the piano and saxophone. Eric can speak the Swedish language, and he often goes to Sweden. Another interesting fact about this young actor is that he owns a first-degree black belt in taekwondo, which is a Korean martial art and it is a combative sport. He is Ann and Fred’s only child.


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In 1998, when he was seven years old, he got a role in “Armageddon.” “Armageddon” is a science fiction movie from 1998 directed by Michael Bay, and it is about several people who are trying to stop an enormous asteroid which is threatening to destroy the Earth. Despite the fact that his role was uncredited, that was a nice beginning of his career. In 1999 he got the role of Fuzzy in “The Cider House Rules.” The movie is based on the novel by the same name, and it is in World War II era, and it is about a young orphan who is living in a Maine orphanage, in which the doctor which runs the place performs illegal abortions. Year later, in 2000, he made an appearance in “Wonderland.”

The role that got him on the radar was Dewey Wilkerson. Dewey Wilkerson is a character from the TV show called “Malcolm in the Middle.” The show ran from 2000 to 2006, and Per Sullivan made an appearance in 151 episodes of the show. Despite the fact that Dewey Wilkerson isn’t the main character, that didn’t stop fans from all around the world to fall in love in Per Sullivan’s portrayal of the character.

In addition to acting on the screen, Erik Per Sullivan is also a voice actor, and he gave his voice to Fork, a character that appears in “Meatball Finkelstein,” which was a TV series. After he made a guest appearance in “Black of Life,” in 2001 he landed the role of Little Joe Dirt in the film “Joe Dirt,” and that could have been his first significant role up until that time, regarding movies.

Further in his career, came some more prominent roles for this young actor. In 2002, he portrayed Charlie Sumner in “Unfaithful.” “Unfaithful” was a movie that starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Richard Gere played Edward Sumner, and Diane Lane as Connie Sumner and their two characters had a child which Erik Per Sullivan portrayed.  Per Sullivan appeared in an episode of “The King of Queens,” and in 2004 came “Christmas with Kranks.” “Christmas with Kranks” is a comedy movie, and Erik played alongside some big names like Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Allen, and Dan Aykroyd. The movie is about the Krank family who made a decision not to celebrate Christmas as their beloved daughter departed for Peace Corps task, and she had to go to Peru. Dan Aykroyd portrayed Vic Frohmeyer, Kranks’ domineering neighbor who didn’t like their idea, and young Erik Per Sullivan was Vic’s son called Spike Frohmeyer. In 2006 Per Sullivan portrayed Young Luis is a TV series called “Come on Over,” in 2007 he played the main character in a film called “Mo,” and in 2010 he was Timmy in “Twelve.”

Regarding his voice acting career, he gave his voice two more times as of today. In 2003 he was the voice behind a character named Sheldon, who appeared in “Finding Nemo.” In 2006 he voiced Mino in “Arthur and the Invisibles.”


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Erik Per Sullivan got many nominations and awards. In 2003 he received Young Artist Award, and he was nominated three times for Teen Choice Award. In 2001 he was awarded Fright Meter Award and YoungStar. In 2007 he received James Joyce Award, and in 2003 he was even nominated for Fangoria Chainsaw Award.

Erik Per Sullivan Net Worth 2024

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Today, in 2024 Erik Per Sullivan’s net worth is around $4.5 million, but considering his age and his talent, he will for sure be earning more in the future, as this young American actor doesn’t plan on stoping to advance in his career.