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What Are the Conventions of Different Video Game Genres? 

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There are many forms of entertainment that people love accessing. Most would agree that entertainment is a vital part of human existence as it gives us the time to relax and enjoy our time away from more monotonous duties such as work. Of course, there is a range of entertainment available for people to enjoy and whole industries have been built off satisfying the leisurely desires that virtually everyone in the world has. There are mega-industries such as television, film and music, but there is no doubt that gaming is one of the biggest, if not the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

On the other hand, there are a few industries that can stand up to gaming, such as gambling. This is another activity that is enjoyed by people everywhere, and its growth is similar to the rise that the video game industry has seen over the last decade. This is likely due to an ever-evolving roster of gambling sites such as CNOG, which many gamblers regularly access for an unlimited gambling experience. When it comes to ease of use, there is no doubt that many forms of entertainment, movies, TV, gambling and gaming included, all have the advantage of being remote. This is likely why these options were so popular during the lockdowns that popped up during the pandemic. However, there is one fact regarding gaming that simply allows the medium to trump the rest.

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At their core, video games are fully interactive experiences. When compared to other entertainment, the level of freedom, immersion, and interaction that players will receive is unlike anything else. This is a fact that is well-known to gamers and it is why so many people continue to play their favourite games every day. Of course, those new to the community will realise that there are many different types of games that they can purchase, which can only be a good thing as it’s likely there will be something for everyone. However, given the fact that the gaming catalogue is massive, almost overwhelmingly so, some new players might appreciate knowing what different genres are available to them, and what the most common conventions of each are.


This is one of the most popular types of video games and it also happens to be one of the earliest hybrid models of video games. Many will know that in actual fact, action and adventure games fall under two separate genres, but there is no doubt that the video games of today include aspects of both. The conventions of this genre include a deep emphasis on plot, as well as combat and other gameplay elements. The combination of these two factors means that people are given a compelling story experience that never becomes boring thanks to the action elements. Some of the best examples from this genre include the Arkham series, the Assassin’s Creed series and even the Legend of Zelda series.


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When most veteran gamers hear sandbox, they will likely associate that game with a sense of freedom that isn’t present in other games. The genre originally started as a small niche but has since gone on to include many popular video games. In a nutshell, sandbox games are characterised by player choice and massive open environments. In this fashion, examples such as Minecraft and even Grand Theft Auto can be considered to be sandbox games. Usually, there isn’t a narrative path that players must follow; instead, they can simply roam wild and do whatever pleases them, and the game will not penalise them. It may surprise some to learn that simulation games such as the fan-favourite Sims are also technically classed as sandbox games too.


Everyone will have some familiarity with shooters, which can be played both in the first and third-person perspective. Of course, while games mainly started out only including one of these views, the video games of today typically offer the player to switch between both perspectives, which is likely why the genre is now just called shooter. Some of the biggest series in gaming are shooters and those who aren’t even gamers will likely have heard of options such as Call of Duty or Halo. While some may argue that most shooters are the same and are easily recognisable, the reality is that shooters can come in many different forms. There are realistic shooters, gallery-style shooters, shoot-em-ups and many more.


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There is no doubt that many genres within the gaming industry have certain overlaps with each other. RPGs or role-playing games are a great example of this as they take aspects from action-adventure games and sandbox games. The result is a product that produces the most immersive experience possible in gaming, and one must only look to examples such as The Witcher 3 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to get an idea of this. For the most part, RPGs are characterised by their emphasis on role-playing in that players can pretend they are fictional characters that they have created. Of course, some RPGs provide a well-written character instead, but players will usually get to decide what type of person they are as RPGs should always give players choices to make.


There is no doubt that many gamers will also be sports fans, and this is why the sports genre of gaming is massive. Without a doubt, EA holds a monopoly on this slice of the industry as they are the publishers that release some of the most famous sports games in the world such as FIFA and Madden. While the earliest examples focused on simply providing gamers with products that will allow them to recreate their favourite sports, they have since evolved and are now concerned with recreating various sports as accurately as possible. This is easy to see when players compare the FIFAs of the 90s to the newest releases today.

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Given the history of the industry, there are virtually endless options available to those who are new to gaming. However, beginners should now be more aware of what genres appeal to them, and now they should be able to choose options accordingly.