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7 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Skills at FIFA 21

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If you like to play FIFA 21 then you definitely want to improve your game as much as you can. There is no fun in stagnation, but with new tricks and techniques, everything is much better. So we will suggest you a few ways in which you can significantly improve your chances of winning or the way you play. While FIFA 21 already offers a number of innovations to help you, there is certainly something you didn’t know you could or could take advantage of. So with a few tips, you will become a pro in a very short time.

1. Master of defense

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You can’t play well and win if your opponent keeps scoring goals. Whether you have perfected your attacking technique or some other things, it is very important that you are the best in defense. This way you will be able to save yourself to the very end and then mistakes in attack and similar things are allowed. However, poor defense is inadmissible for a player who wants much more than an amateur game. So, you will improve your backline by pressing and holding L2 if you are playing on PlayStation 4. If you are using Xbox One then hold LT button. This will allow your defenders to have more success in catching the ball. Don’t forget the advanced attackers of this game that you will face. In this case, you must use a combination of L2 / LT and P2 / PT.

2. Don’t expect the CPU to do everything

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While you can leave the job to CPU teammates, we wouldn’t recommend you do that. The point of this game is that you have complete control over the game and so don’t go the line of least resistance. Focus on the game and take as many controls as possible. That is why manual defense is necessary. You may not be the best at the beginning, but the more times you face the challenge, the easier it will be the next time. In time you will be much better at this and it will be unthinkable for you to rely solely on CPU teammates. This way you will not leave anything to chance.

3. Play with DMF

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In order to always have the appropriate formation, you must adopt this rule. FIFA 21 simply requires a defensive midfielder to keep your defensive line narrow. This will make it much easier to withstand the pressure, but not only that. With this method, efficiency is guaranteed when it comes to winning the ball. A midfielder will always have a better chance than a defender.

4. Be careful with the opposing attacker

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This refers to the situation when you have to meet him with a center back away from the penalty area, and you still do it. Our advice is not to do it for a simple reason. This way you will create a big gap in your defense, and the opponent will surely take advantage of that and then you are done.

5. Plan of attack

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There are several ways you can score goals. So focus on your own offense after you have protected yourself. Fortunately, FIFA 21 offers you a large number of possibilities when it comes to this part of the game, and much more than in recent years. So, you can choose whether to move through the middle of the field, over the wings, or use some other form of attack. Each of them can be successful if you use them in the right way. For example, finesses shots should not be neglected. They are especially dangerous from opposite angles. If you choose the right one, your player will have great freedom in throwing and so shoot freely.

We are sure that you will be rewarded after that. In addition, you can attack through the middle. However, then it is important to pay attention to a couple of items. This refers to quick addition and new agile dribbling. It is only important that your players have good specifications when it comes to this in order to use their full potential. Attacks through the wings will give you more space than the crowded center. It is important that you have a pace then, but your players should be good passers. A good option is curling in a cross, but you can always try to cut inside.

6. A large number of moves

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The more you hone your skills and increase the number of moves, the harder it will be for your opponents to master you. That way, it won’t be easy for them to defend themselves from you, and there are a few moves you must take advantage of. For example, it is a false withdrawal. This move may not be used by many people, but let it be your secret weapon. You see, it’s incredibly effective. You don’t have to worry about learning skills, because the moves mostly remain the same in FIFA 21.

7. Don’t settle for an average score

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If you want to be better, you have to stop accepting the average. Focus on the higher goal, which is to become a pro. This means that you stop relying solely on defensive tactics such as press after possession loss, drop back or constant pressure. While it is really easy to rely on these tactics, they will be weakened in FIFA 21 or will cost you more endurance. That is why our advice is to learn as much as possible how to defend yourself without the help of AI. That way you will be ready for anything and every opponent.
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Also, pay attention to attack tactics. You need to learn how to achieve the balance that is necessary for FIFA 21, which is much freer. Only in this way will you be able to carry out attacks that are authentic and unpredictable. AI is easy to predict and take counter-attacks, with that you will hardly surprise your opponent and be in the lead.


FIFA 21 brings significantly improved graphics, new skill moves and various functions. It’s a real shame not to fix your game and become a pro player. Only in that way will you be able to explore the full potential of this game and have maximum fun.