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6 Ways to Determine the Quality of an E-Liquid

Vaping is becoming more and more popular every day, and many people are switching from using classic cigarettes to this method. It is not only because of all the health bonuses but also because of the huge range of flavors that these liquids can offer. In fact, with every flavor there is on the market, it is possible to try-out, experiment, and find the flavor that suits someone the most, and many people find that interesting. Today, vaping is considered a hobby, and it can be helpful for people who are trying to quit smoking since there are e-liquids with but also without nicotine. A big plus is that it is possible to use vapes in many places where it is unthinkable to light a cigarette (food for thoughts).

The benefits are numerous, just like with flavors, and the only hard thing is a decision where to start or which one to choose. You can find a great offer of E-liquids at VaporSolo, and if you want to know how to check the quality of them, continue reading.

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1. Check the look

The first thing everyone should do is to check the look of the e-liquid. Take a close look at the bottle and make sure that there is not anything floating inside it. Floating pieces are never a good sign, and you should try to avoid using liquids that have them. The other bad thing is cloudy liquids or the one with an unusual color. Too many colors are added by suspicious manufacturers who are trying to sell their product as a high-quality one. The best way to decide which liquid to buy is to go with some famous brand or get a recommendation from the people you trust. The brands are trying to save their name and quality, and it is always a safe decision to buy their products since they are not going to risk losing customers over bad marketing that comes with low-quality products.

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2. Choose a reliable manufacturer

People are trying to make everything nowadays, and it is the same thing with vape juices. The result is many dubious products on the market, and it can be crucial to avoid them. That is why it is important to check the place of production of every liquid you want to buy. Making vape juices is something that should be done by chemists and not by people who are experimenting or by those who do this kind of job in places that are not adequate. There are many standards for making it, and quality inspections are crucial in order to get the most from the product. Professional environments can assure you that the product is safe to use and without harmful elements, since every big brand is trying to keep the customers happy, but also avoid a lawsuit for a bad and potentially dangerous product.

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3. Check the smell

It is impossible to feel the taste without feeling the scent, so that makes the smell crucial. A good smell does not guarantee good taste, but a bad smell can certainly be a good indicator of bad taste. So how can someone determine if the taste is bad? Well, the key thing is that the vape juice needs to smell like it is written on the bottle. That means that if you are buying a lemon-flavored liquid, it should smell like lemon and then taste the same. If the essence is different, it can indicate that it is a low-quality vape juice or even harmful to your health. Trust your smell and choose the liquid that has the most tempting fragrance to you.

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4. Check the taste

After the smell check, it is time to try that liquid, and this is possible only through your vape. The fact is that the flavor is the most important thing to most people who are interested in or like vaping, and if you are one of them, always choose the quality juices. That way, you will be sure that you get the best product there is and get what you paid for. The vapor from low-quality liquids may have a good smell but a nasty taste, and that is a high indicator that it is necessary to change it. Low-quality vape juices not only have a bad taste, but they can also have many other consequences.

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5. Damaging the vape

Someone may think that by using a cheap liquid, they can save a little money, but be careful with that. Low-quality liquids can damage the vape, and we all know that those devices are not cheap at all, so, in the end, you can actually pay more than you thought. The best solution is to pay more for the high-quality vape juice instead of buying a new device every few months. Cheap juice can crack the tank or make it corroding, and sometimes regular cleaning can’t help with that. Because of all this, it is better to buy a liquid that is a little more expensive and be sure that your device is going to last longer, you will have a better experience, and have more pleasure overall.

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6. Ingredients

Before consuming anything, we should closely look at all the ingredients of that product, and the same goes for E-liquids. One of the main things to look for is the VG/PG ratio, and the reliable brands have them on the label. The 50/50 ratio is the most common one, but for more flavor, the best option is the 60/40 ratio. Also, the product should have a stamp from FEMA or GRAS for food flavoring.

Only when you can clearly see on the label everything about the product, like its ingredients, stamps of approval, etc., you can be sure that you are getting the best and safest E-liquid.

Summing up

Finding the best flavor is, for sure, the biggest challenge, but once you do that, everything else will be much easier. For choosing the best E-liquid, go with those who are safe and the reliable brands, and since there are so many flavors, you can also try different ones, and who knows, you may find something new that will enhance the experience.