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How to Find Your Best Vape Set Up for Flavors?

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Vivid and robust flavors during a vape are what make a vaping experience memorable. In such events, the flavor setup one pursues has to be perfect. For some, the size of vape clouds defined as a vaping experience, but for those preferring aromas, interests remain in the best e-juices available on the market.

Individuals are turning against smoking and preferring vaping due to various health factors.

One of the research studies indicates that e-cigarettes are not a health hazard as they do not contain harmful carcinogens. Also, they do not promote tobacco use.

Vaping the same flavored vape juice can be monotonous. Changing the flavor every once in a while can be tiring. You may not feel motivated to try new flavors, or the flavors might not entertain or improve on your vaping experience. With essential flavor mixing and identification tips, it becomes easier to find the right flavor setup for you as an individual.

Following are the steps to find your best vape setup for flavors:

Get the right e-juice

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Amongst the simplest things to do is to get the best CBD vape juice to vape. Check the PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid if you’re unable to get the taste you want. E-juice with a maximum VG level might be the reason why you do not get the taste you expect.

Usually, VG e-juices are suitable for people who are looking for big clouds and reduced throat hit. Thus, such e-juice is not potent for flavors. E-liquid with PG is a better choice as you can enjoy better taste than e-liquid with VG. It is advisable to look for e-juice with about 50% PG ratio since it delivers better vape taste.

You will find out these kinds of vape juices have bigger throat hits, and might not be suitable for cloud chasing. Also, they will require a higher temperature.

For long-term users, they can try stronger e-liquids for better flavor. As well, they might use a new e-juice flavor since this can allow time for their tastebuds to reset. CBDfx has a massive variety of e-juice flavors like strawberry, fruity cereal, blue raspberry, and wild watermelon, among others. Therefore, you can choose your preferred taste.

Look after your e-juice

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You might get the right e-juice that can provide the best flavor, but incorrect storage might ruin everything. Proper storage of the e-liquid is crucial since its flavorings might degrade with secondary storage. For this reason, keep the e-liquid away from light and heat. Also, reduce its exposure to air.

All these can help you keep the flavor fresh to maximize its taste when vaping. Some e-liquids can benefit from ‘steeping’. It is the same theory that explains how wine ages over time and advances in flavor. Thus, allowing some time for the e-liquid to age might bring out the best flavor. Different steeping approaches are available.

However, leaving the e-liquid in the dark, cool place, and intermittently shaking its bottle, are the common elements with all the steeping approaches. The primary aim is to allow your e-liquid ‘breathe’ for a short time by opening the cap of the bottle. Remember that steeping may not apply to every e-juice.

Below-coil airflow can improve the flavor

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The position of the device’s airflow holes is crucial. The airflow holes on many vape pens open at the side of the coil. Even though this might work well to provide better flavor, there is a better setting. Typically, the airflow underneath the coils might allow a direct pathway up to the atomizer’s mouthpiece to improve the taste.

Various sub-ohm tanks have these kinds of setups as standard, and for this reason, they may deliver great flavor. Thus, it is advisable to buy an atomizer that has underneath coil airflow over the ones having side airflow.

Coil and wicking material matters

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The material of the wick might have a significant impact on the flavor you get. The silica wicks were the standard for the e-cigs. However, they can mute the e-liquid’s flavor. It is the primary reason why manufacturers are now using cotton as a wicking material.

Besides cotton balls, there are more choices for your cotton wicks nowadays, and Japanese organic cotton is amongst the commonly used. You might purchase the material in square sheets, although it comes as typical on various clearomizer coils. Cotton material can give you a clean flavor from the e-liquid, and also has wonderful wicking abilities.

The other materials to consider are ceramic wicks, cellucotton, and cotton bacon. They are resistant to heat, and they can last longer. As well, they might produce excellent flavor.

Besides wicking material, the other vital part of the vape pen that helps with vaping is the wire. Kanthal is a popular coil material for flavor-chasing vapers since it can give natural, clean flavor from the e-juice.

Change your vape pen’s coil

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A vape pen might lose its usual taste over time, and may not give you the same flavor as before. It is advisable to change your coil regularly, even weekly, if you are a heavy vaper. People who vape less frequently can change their coils once a month.

Besides reduced flavors, using a coil for a long time might give hot, dry taste when vaping. This condition can cause a leak of the vape juice into the battery unit of the atomizer.

Clean your kit

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A clean kit might help you get the most of your e-juice flavor. Usually, a clean tank, coil, or wick can give a better e-liquid taste. Cleaning your vape pen is easy and might not take long. You need to disassemble the kit, rinse its glass compartment using warm water, and allow some time for it to dry. If you use a drip tip, clean it as well to remove old-e-juice or dust on it. Clean the kit’s battery connection using a cotton tip or kitchen towel since this might help maximize the production of vapor and also may help with flavor.


Maximizing the flavor of your e-juice might help you have a better experience as you vape. Ensure that you purchase quality e-juice from a reputable brand and select a flavor that you prefer. Alternatively, while shopping for CBD online, make sure you check the expiry date & constituents beforehand. Also, the above tips can help improve the taste of the e-juices, and you might decide to try one or all of them.