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Payout Rate in Slots Explained – 2024 Guide

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It is very important to research various online casinos and try to find those with higher return rates. Also, since there are thousands of slot games available, you have to know that there might be a great difference in RTP between them. Choosing to play those with higher RTP provides you with much better chances to stay in the game for a longer time and manage your funds properly by avoiding excessive losses.

The payout rate in slots is one of those things in the online casino circle that can be hard to understand if you aren’t familiar with them already. Like anything, slots at wizardslots.com have their own industry terms and processes, and that includes payout rates. Read on for payout rates in slots explained.

Slots Payout Rates or RTPs

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Payout rates in slots are also known as RTPs, but what exactly are they? Any slots and casino games hosted under online casino brands need a house edge in order to operate. The outcome of slots with any single spin is determined at random, and neither the online casino or provider decides who wins.

With that in mind, the slots RTP is the return to the player. That’s how frequently the slot being played will payout. To ensure a profit in the long-term, casinos need a house edge which is established in turn by calculating the RTP. A typical example of an RTP is around 95 percent in most cases, so that offers a five percent profit for the casino long-term.

Slots Payout Rates and RTPs Meaning

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To tie up the explanation of slots payout rates or RTPs, if an RTP is 95 percent, this ensures the casino will make a five percent profit. Due to the slots payout rate, the online casino site can then calculate a house edge. This is more or less how the RTP is calculated.

Even though the house edge means the online casino profits five per cent, that’s not to say the player loses out. For one thing, the five per cent is simply the average. It means sometimes the player loses more or wins more. Ultimately, whether you win or lose comes down to the RTP which determines the outcome of the slot.

What Slots Payout

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Long term, the outcome is determined by the pay out rate as it’s based on the probability of all outcomes. The RTP also accounts for the probability of the outcome value. Slots often have the pay out rate displayed in the game description, and can be any number up to 100 per cent. Typically, it’s in the mid 90s.

The slots pay out rate is a useful thing to know for several reasons. The pay out rate is how often the slot game pays out over the long-term. So, if a game has an RTP of 95 per cent, £95 of every £100 spent on the game returns to players via winnings. The remaining £5 goes back as profit for the casino.

Some games have even higher return rates, and here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Mega Joker; The best thing about this game is that there are several ways to win big. Also, it has a design that reminds people of retro slot machines that made this game so popular. You can win money by in-game features or through a jackpot system. Since this game represents a progressive jackpot slot, there are increased chances to win this amazing price. The average jackpot price is around $20,000, while the return rate is over 99%;
  • Ugga Bugga; The most interesting feature in this game is the wild symbol that can randomly appear in reels. There are ten pay lines available, while the RTP is over 99%;
  • Jackpot 6000; Another title that has a design similar to older versions of slot machines. You can win great prizes in the game along with the jackpot. Also, the return rate of near 99% will provide you with improved chances for a win;
  • Video Poker; Video Poker holding its high popularity for a long time, and the main reason is the high return rate. Also, you can make a great win by the feature where you can double your winning hand a maximum of five times. However, in most cases, you can have a chance for a jackpot only if you choose a maximum bet;

Mechanics of the Payout Rate in Slots Conclusion

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While the payout rate should make sense to you, it’s worth adding that if you spend £100 on a slot, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get £95 back. At times, you might win more, and at times you might winless. It all comes down to your luck and chance.

However, with more and more spins, the law of large numbers determines that you will be closer to this percentage. Moreover, many people think about how some activities could lead to improved chances to win.

According to some experienced players, the chances to win more often are much better if you choose to play with higher wagers. Also, players who consider themselves professionals often choose to play on several slots at once. If you have ever visited some land casino, you might have noticed a person who is playing two or three machines at once. While it might bring better chances, they are also risking excessive losses. In that matter, the best strategy is to analyze several casinos and check the experience of other people if possible.

When it comes to the games, winnings and bonuses are completely random, which means that even a slot with a return rate over 99% won’t be a guarantee that you will win some money. The main advantage of higher rates is that the game will combine less valuable lines more often and let you stay in the game for a longer time. On the other hand, proper money management can be crucial for your efficiency.