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5 Common Beginner Fishkeeping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Filling your free time is something we all love the most. Everyone wants to spend their free time in a different way. When we say it differently, we mean it, and here’s why. Each of us is a different character and each character wants different things. Someone loves art, someone loves sports, and someone loves music. Therefore, everyone finds the activity that suits him best in accordance with his character and he carries out the same activity, ie he practices it at the time when he is free. But there is one activity that unites us all. Wondering who she is? That is keeping pets.

Keeping pets is considered to be the number one favorite activity for every person. Why is that? Humans are beings that are driven by emotions, so it has been and so it will remain, and animals are something that radiates all the time with various emotions and energy and that is what connects them to humans. Each of us has kept a pet in our home at least once in our life, we are sure of that. At least once you have probably kept a cat, dog, hamster, parrot, rabbit, or fish. To this day, dogs and cats stand out as the most popular pets due to their easy maintenance, and as the most popular in recent years, keeping fish in pets as a pet stands out.

Fish as pets are very practical and very easy to keep. They do not want to go for a walk or often look for food (unlike cats and dogs), but they do seek different care. To keep fish at home there is a certain protocol and course of activities that must be followed, say from Paint a Fish. According to them, keeping fish as a pet is often done by people in the wrong way, followed by a number of mistakes. But we are here to see those mistakes together and correct them. In the continuation of this article, together we will list the most common 5 mistakes that people make when keeping fish and how to deal with the mistakes if you make them. It’s only up to you to sit comfortably and follow this article.

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  1. Before you buy a fish, check what its characteristics are and how it should be kept at home – every single thing that exists on our planet has special conditions under which it should be kept and nurtured. Such is the situation with animals, more precisely in our case with fish. Each type of fish has special conditions under which it should be kept. The size of the aquarium is the most common factor that is important because some people want more freedom, while others easily get used to the circumstances. There are a million other factors that affect this, so it would be nice to find out online with up-to-date information on what exactly you need to do. The Internet offers a great deal of information and data, so make the most of it.

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  2. Provide enough water for the fish, but also adjust its temperature – usually fish are accustomed to operating in large, wide-open waters. But when it comes to living near a person, specifically in his home, she seeks conditions similar to those she had in the open water. For this reason, her owner needs to adjust to her habits and enable them. Fish usually like to live in large amounts of water, ie in about 5 to 7 liters of water that must be heated to at least 8 degrees Celsius. Coldwater is not good for fish, and the amount of water for them means as much as clean air for us. A small amount of water and too cold or too hot water can destroy them.
  3. Adjust their light most of the time – during the day we humans receive enough sunlight to help us function. Fish need the same thing even though they live in water. The sun’s rays reach even the deepest waters and give the fish the light they need. They need a little light, but throughout the day. Therefore, it is necessary to give the same to the fish that are kept at home. You need to give them soft light, similar to that produced by energy-saving light bulbs, as ordinary light bulbs heat up quickly and can heat water, which can be fatal to fish.

    Source: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
  4. Only add larger stones and pebbles to the aquarium, do not put sand and small pebbles in any way – the fish in their natural environments are surrounded by a large flora, but also by many stones and pebbles. This means that they would love and seek it in the environments that man prepares them to live in. That is why a person must prepare everything well before taking the fish for storage. Do not make the mistake that everyone makes – never add fine sand and pebbles! Fine sand and pebbles can put fish in a position to eat them unintentionally, thinking it is food. Therefore, always prepare their habitats only with large stones and smaller large pebbles, but also with some algae that will help them feel good in their living space. Give the fish the best conditions, believe that they will enjoy them even though it is not their natural habitat.

    Source: Fishkeeping World
  5. Do not feed the fish too much and too often, it can kill them! – Excess food can harm us humans, but so is the case with these aquatic animals. Do not overfeed them. Overeating will lead to the deposition of food, and this deposition often ends in the death of the fish. Therefore, feed the fish 2 times, and you can 3 times, but in very small quantities. The fish in the environments prepared by man does not have the opportunity to consume much of the food, so it accumulates. Also, give foods that are only for fish and foods that are based on what they eat (worms and insects). Always follow and be guided by this information and your fish will always be fine.

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Be careful not to make the mistakes that all people make, and this is what we offer you with this article full of tips and tricks on how to keep your fish – your new aquatic pet. Make sure she always has the conditions she has in natural conditions to always feel good, to stay healthy, and to live as much as possible in the conditions that you give her. Be the best version of yourself always, but even more important than that is to always be the best pet owner who always does and gives only the best for your pet! For more tips check here https://outdoorcommand.com/learning-how-to-fish-a-handbook/.