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Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet with Pro Tips

A helmet is universal protection for every motorcyclist. It keeps your head safe from the head hitting as well as your face safe from the road dust. However, it absorbs a lot of body oil and sweat in a little time.

So, it becomes dirty both inside and outside, and different models require different attitudes. That’s why today’s guide is created to help you figure out the helmet cleaning secrets. Another helpful guide you can find on yourmotobro.com website.

Cleaning the Helmet Inside

There are two motorcycle helmet types. The first one has a removable liner and pads, and the inside cleaning becomes a lot easier. However, some models don’t have such a construction. So, they require more effort to make your helmet clean.

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For the helmet with removable liner

The inside liners and pads are usually ignored by the motorcyclists – the dirt is often unseen. However, after some time (especially in the summer), the unpleasant odor may appear. Luckily, you can wash the liner easily. Just take it away together with the chin and cheek pads.

You can use two methods to clean them. Firstly, you can just put them into the washing machine on a delicate cycle with a laundry detergent. Don’t wash them for long and set a low temperature. But I recommend you to make a hand wash because some plastic parts may get damaged in the machine.

In case you clean your helmet pads with your hands, you may use some baby shampoo. As a lot of hair and head oil gets stuck in the liner, you should apply the appropriate detergent. Rinse the equipment several times. Make sure that the shampoo has washed out properly. Also, I don’t recommend you to apply the dryer – just put the liner and pad on the air for the night.

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For the helmet without a removable liner

Of course, you can’t remove all the internal parts to wash them apart. However, some of them may still be taken off (like chin and cheek pads) and cleaned by a hand wash. To make the liner clean, follow these three steps.

Step one: fill a basin

Find a basin that is large enough for the motorcycle helmet and fill it with slightly warm water. Then, add a little of the baby shampoo. You may also use a mild laundry detergent and stir it. I also recommend you to line a towel on the basin bottom to prevent the shell from scratching.

Step two: let it soak

Put your helmet inside and let it soak for some time. Five to seven minutes will be enough to let the body oils and grime wash away. Don’t let it soak for more than ten minutes. The interior may absorb a lot of detergents, and it will be difficult to clean them away.

Step three: wash it inside

Use your hands to clean the liner and pads. Just rub them with your fingertips for several minutes – don’t overdo. And also, don’t use the towel or other instruments to scrub inside. If you have added a detergent, washing it with hands will be enough. Then you should rinse the helmet and go ahead and wash the shell.

Source: Chaparral Motorsports

Cleaning the Helmet Outside

For this operation, you should take three things and follow three steps. A microfiber towel, warm water, and toothbrush will come in useful. I don’t recommend you to use anything else. Some instruments may leave scratches – you don’t need this.

Step one: leave the helmet to soak

We have used shampoo for cleaning the helmet inside, but it doesn’t require any detergent to wash a shell. Prepare a small basin with warm water. Then you should take a microfiber towel (make sure it’s fresh). Put it in the water and squeeze it a little; then cover the helmet using it. Just let it soak for a little to loosen up the old bugs and other dirt.

Step two: wash it with a towel

After about 15-20 minutes, take off the towel and take another one. You will see that a lot of spots on the helmet have disappeared. But not all of them. Take a wet towel and smoothly wipe away any leftovers you see. Don’t scrub or use aggressive movements.

Step three: use a toothbrush

Some tiny bugs may hide in unexpected places. So, you should take a toothbrush and make it wet in the warm water. It will come into play in the hard-to-reach cracks. If some spots don’t want you to clean them, you may try to add some detergent to the water.

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The Most Common Questions

Here you will find some tips for the right helmet cleaning.

How not to scratch my helmet?

When you clean your helmet shell, you should use only soft and smooth towels. A microfiber towel is a perfect option because it won’t scratch the helmet, but its structure absorbs the dirt easily. Also, don’t use the cleaning powder – the best variant is warm water without a detergent.

What detergents can I apply?

I recommend you to use a baby shampoo or a mild laundry detergent for cleaning the interior. The outside doesn’t require a cleanser. Also, don’t use soap or dish wash detergent – they can make the liner and pads too firm.

How often to clean my helmet?

It depends on how fast it becomes highly dirty and gets an unpleasant odor. It’s better to clean the inside once in three months in the spring and autumn, and once in two months in the summer. You can wash the shell every month.

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Make Your Ride More Pleasant

Don’t forget to clean your motorcycle helmet as often as it requires. Your rides will become more satisfying. The guide above will help you if you’re doing the cleaning for the first time or just want to make sure you’re doing it right.