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11 Natural Oils You Can Use On Your Pets

Natural, clean, and safe essential oils have been used by both humans and animals for years. These products are essential in keeping the body functioning properly and have been used in herbal medications for centuries.

Mostly, any oil is safe for your pets as long as it doesn’t contain any alcohol, which is generally found in petroleum products. When buying oils for your pet, choose the ones that are labeled ‘natural.’ These types of products are pure, unadulterated oil, which is clearly safe for your pets to use.

Here are the natural oils that you can safely use on your pets:

1. Hemp Oil

Source: Medium

As crazy as it may sound, hemp oil is safe to be used on your pets. It’s been popular to use hemp oil for dogs as it may help strengthen their immune system. Hemp oil may also help minimize the possibilities for stress and anxiety, plus they get to have shinier and healthier hair! Visit synchronicityhempoil.com and check more information about hemp oil for dogs.

There are many more benefits of hemp oil for your pets, hence if your pet needs some help, you can always check if hemp oil may provide a solution for it.

2. Lavender

Source: HGTV.com

One of the most common essential oils for relaxation is lavender. These are mostly used as an aromatherapy to help someone fall asleep or for relaxation during a warm bath.

Along with those benefits, lavender may also be helpful to your pets to help them with their anxiety when left alone or with a veterinarian. It may also help them recover from car sickness.

3. Clary Sage

Source: Medical News Today

Another essential oil that helps keep your pets relaxed is the clary sage, which encourages emotional stability. This is greatly needed when your pet is in panic or they’re hyperactive and need to calm down. This works similarly with lavender, but the difference is that clary sage works better when it comes to stabilizing your pet’s emotions.

4. Valerian Root

Source: Nootriment

If your pet is extra stressed due to their environment, they’ll be needing a restful sleep so that they can overcome their stress and be more at peace.

The use of valerian root has been widely common in helping people to sleep and it can work wonders with your pets as well. This is helpful if you badly need your pet to have a restful sleep or is experiencing separation and noise anxiety as it’ll help them calm down.

5. Cardamom

Source: Get Natural Essential Oils

Similar to ginger, this is used to spice up and add a richer flavor to your meal. When used as an essential oil, it may help relieve your pets from nausea and promote healthy eating. Freely use this when your pet has been vomiting from illness or dizzy car rides.

6. Myrrh

Source: Bomar

When your pet is experiencing emotional imbalance, such as being too shy or experiencing aggressive anger, Myrrh may help balance your pet’s emotions. Along with this great feature, Myrrh may also calm irritated skin, allowing you to hit two birds with one stone. It may also promote alertness, which is a trait that’s mostly needed by pets.

7. Sweet Orange

Source: Lazada

If you’re just tired and sick of fleas attaching to your dogs and seeing them crawling on your carpet, a sweet orange essential oil will help keep fleas away from your home. This can be used as aromatherapy but for greater effects, you can dilute this and apply thinly to your pet’s skin. Doing so will help protect them from fleas and relieve their skin irritations.

If your pet has allergies, you can use this to help relieve the allergies, helping them to be comfortable.

8. Helichrysum

Source: Healthline

If your dog has any physical pain or cuts, the use of Helichrysum would help them relieve any pain. This has been widely used by humans, and studies have shown that it works great with pets as well. This is great for pain management and healing cuts so your pet may recover faster.

9. Yarrow

Source: Pinterest

If your pet has urinary and eye infections, the use of yarrow essential oil would be a great aid for that. Of course, you won’t be applying it directly to your pet’s skin. You can use it as aromatherapy to help your pets recover from their infections.

10. Frankincense

Source: Wellness Aromas

If you want your pet to have a stronger immune system because they get sick easily, diffusing frankincense would be a great help with that. If you want to apply it directly to your pet’s skin but you’re too hesitant to do so, you can mix this with your pet’s liquid soap, mix accordingly, and then bathe them with the soap and frankincense mixture. This goes well with any other essential oils that are safe for your pets, too.

11. Violet Leaf

Source: Simply Beyond Herbs

If you’ve brought your pet to the vet, and they’re extremely anxious, letting them smell the aroma of a violet leaf might help them feel better. The violet leaf works by balancing the mind and helping pets to handle separation anxiety.

How to Administer Oils to Pets

There are different ways on how you can administer oils to your pets, such as the following:

  • Diffusers – You can diffuse oils to a diffuser for the aroma to spread through the room.
  • Apply directly – Before applying essential oils directly to your pets, you should consult with your vet first to know if essential oils are safe for your pets. Before applying, dilute it first with a carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil.
  • Feed – Always consult with your vet before feeding them with essential oils and should be done minimally as they’re different from humans.
  • Mix with Shampoo – If you don’t want to apply it directly to their skin, you can mix it with your pet’s shampoo to give off a long-lasting scent


As we all want to help our pets during their bad days, we should always consult with their vet to know whether it’s safe for your pets to have essential oils. The safest way to have your pets experience the benefits of essential oils is the use of a home diffuser. It won’t only benefit your pets, but it’ll also benefit the people in the same room.

No matter how great you use essential oil for your pets, take note that they aren’t made to replace any treatments but as an additional aid in helping them recover from an ailment. You should always consult with your vet if the symptoms are increasing and have lasted for more than a day. Daily care for your pets should never be negated but a responsibility to do always.