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Cindy Landolt Net Worth 2024

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Cindy Landolt is better known as a Swiss Superwoman. Just look at her perfectly shaped body, and you’ll see why. Every muscle is trained to the limit and hard as a stone. People around the globe are amazed by her abs and figure.

Cindy has started her own fitness studio “Centurion Club,” where she works as a personal trainer. Also, she is running an Instagram campaign for supporting the people to achieve their dreams of having the perfect toned body.

Cindy Landolt has led an active life from an early age as she was a gymnastic. She continued to go to the gym, and now she is an online fitness sensation. Let’s find out more about her life, net worth, and career path!

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Cindy was born on the 11th January 1985 in a town called Wetzikonnear Zurich in Switzerland.

As a child, she used to spend her spare time in outdoor activities. She took part in numerous sports, such as swimming, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. At the age of five, she joined the gymnastics team and recorded notable success and earned a lot of medals in various gymnastic exercises.

As Landolt grew older, she was more focused on weightlifting, bodybuilding and fitness. She decided to enroll at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport, where she gets a degree as a fitness trainer after three years of studying.

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After graduation, Cindy launched her website, and right after she opened her fitness club in Zurich. In the same time, she started uploading photos and video on Instagram, where she gained a lot of popularity.

Known as a Swiss Superwoman, Cindy has hard-toned muscles, especially abs. She prefers squats to strengthen and develop her mid-section. “By focusing on squats and deadlifts, you will get stronger and more fully developed abdominal muscles than you ever could by racking up hours on the crunch mat!”, Cindy shared the advice.

The Swiss Superwomen spend four days a week in the gym, and the workout routine is as following:

Monday – Upper Body

Tuesday – Back and Posterior Chain

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Chest, Arms, & Abs

Friday – Leg Day

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

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Cindy Landolt Net Worth 2024

Working hard, Cindy Landolt has earned an impressive amount of 2 million dollars. She became a world-renowned fitness trainer and best fitness trainer in Switzerland. As her popularity on Instagramraised, the big industries and fashion brands noticed her. Superwoman graced the covers of famous magazines, which increased her fame and wealth as much.

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Internet fame

Cindy knew how much power lies in social media, so she used it fully. Posting her photos and videos on InstagramSwiss Superwoman became world-famous. More than 650,000 people are following this incredible woman.

On Facebook, she has around 230,000 followers and on Twitter 125,000. She is giving an example to them that everything is possible with dedication and hard work. Cindy Landolt is an endless inspiration to women around the world.

With the same aim to gain popularity, Cindy launched a YouTube channel where she accumulated around 15,000 subscribers. Videos consist of training routines, exercise tutorials, diet regimes, etc. Some of her most viewed videos are “Cindy Landolt | Behind the Scenes Photoshoot | Markus Ernst,” “Cindy Landolt Imagefilm – Personal Trainer Zurich,” and “Stretching and Mobility Training | Cindy Landolt | Centurion Club Zurich.” Altogether, on her YouTube channel, she gained more than 1.5 million views. These videos increased her wealth as well.