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Christian Navarro Net Worth 2024

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Christian Navarro is an American actor who is best known for playing the role of Tony in the popular series called 13 reasons why. If you do not know much about Christian but want to find out, you have come to the right place.

Early Life

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Christian Navarro’s birthday is on August 21, 1991, and he was born in Bronx, New York. His father is C. L. Navarro, and his younger sister is called Madisyn. Christian’s ethnicity is Puerto Rican.


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Christian Navarro began his career in the year 2009 when he started appearing in TV shows, as well as movies. Christian gained a lot of attention for his portrayal of Tony Padilla in 13 reasons why. That really boosted his career.

The show 13 reasons why was produced by Selena Gomez and it started airing in March of 2017. This show focuses on showing the effects that bullying can have on young people.

Private Life

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There have been a lot of rumors about whether Christian Navarro is single or taken. This all cleared up when Cristian himself stated in an interview that he was, in fact, single at the time, since he ended the relationship with his girlfriend.

However, that interview was awhile back, and Christian has since revealed that he is in a relationship. He did not give out any details about his current girlfriend, and we do not even know her name. The only thing that we do know for certain is that Christian loves posting pictures of his significant other on Instagram.

Christian has in the past dated Traylor Howard, and the couple even got married. However, they got divorced after three years. There have also been speculations about Christian being involved with Alina Sheherzad Akhtar Raja.

Christian Navarro Net Worth 2024

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Christian Navarro has gained a significant amount of wealth so far. As of this year, his net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars.

Social Media

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This popular actor has gained a large following on social media, and his Instagram account is followed by over 4 million fans. He also has a Twitter account with 232 thousand followers, as well as a Facebook page with 55 thousand followers.