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Casino Nightmares: When Everything Goes Wrong at the Gaming Table

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Casinos are fun – people flock there to have a good time. But not everyone leaves the casino feeling accomplished. Some leave, wishing they had made better choices. We look at some of the worst casino nightmares and what you can do to avoid them:

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Casino Oopsies

Before playing, whether at some of the best online casino real money USA or offline, you should understand what can go wrong. And unfortunately, some of these mistakes, albeit small, can cost you money and reputation. So, what are these mistakes?

Being Unrealistic About the Game

Some people see others win large amounts and assume they will follow suit. Optimism is always a good thing. But in casinos, you must back it up with some reality. After all, casino games have no guarantees. So, even if your friend won $1,000 in a roulette game last week by betting on black, you might not get the same result.

What can you do instead?

  • Learn to differentiate games of chance and skill. The latter games give you higher chances of tweaking the results in your favor.
  • Figure out the RTPs in the games and how this affects your earnings.

Also, be patient. Do not be too eager to jump in and play the game – take your time to learn the ropes.

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Not Having a Budget

Financial advisors are adamant about the need for budgets. These simple techniques show you how to spend your money. And they help you prepare for unforeseen financial needs.

Interestingly, budgets are just as important in casino games. But only a few people have them. Someone might walk into a casino with $200 and spend it all. On leaving, they realize they spent their cab fare on the game! In some bad cases, people spend their rent or mortgage on casino games!

What should you do instead?

  • Understand how much money you can wager on casino games. It will be your upper limit such that you don’t spend more than this cap if you don’t win money.
  • Keep an eye on your money and fight the urge to chase losses. Many people think they can recover what they have lost by spending more money. It is a fallacy – do not chase it.

Also, start with smaller amounts. It helps you understand the game better, giving you better wager returns.

Not Understanding the Rules

Have you ever watched someone fumble their way through a game? Seldom do such people win. They will likely break a rule or miss out on glaring chances unless they play slots games. Don’t be that person who pretty much hands their money to the casino. So, what should you do?

  • Figure out the game you want to play and the rules that go with it. Each game has distinct rules. For example, blackjack players should know if they should stand, hit, double down, etc.
  • Play the game to see if you understand the rules. Many casino sites have demo games for practice purposes.

And when you do start playing the game for money, stick to the rules to avoid getting penalized.

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Playing While Intoxicated

Casinos are home to unique bars which stock some of the best drinks. So, it’s easy to get carried away with the drinking such that you end up drunk. Drunk people rarely make good choices on gameplay or money. So, you might end up spending more than you should have. You might even go all in when you do not have a good hand. Many people have sold their valuables in drunken states.

How can you avoid such a fate?

  • Know your drinking limit. Just because the drinks are available does not mean you should keep downing them. Eventually, you will hit your limit, and trouble will follow.
  • Do not wager when you feel intoxicated. The same goes when you feel sad, angry, or any other strong emotion that could interfere with the game.

Also, avoid placing wagers for the sake of placing wagers. It only puts a dent in your bankroll and pushes you closer to losses. While at it, also know when you have played enough games. Sometimes, you need to quit and go home.