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Cam&Fam Net Worth 2024

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You probably heard about the Cam&Fam YouTube channel, which was made by Camryn Turner. She is a young lady from Northern Florida, California United States of America. Camryn decided to document her everyday life as a teen mother. She gave birth to her daughter Colette when she was 17. The content of her channel is mostly moments with her husband Landon Clifford and her daughter. She is filming and posting the life of her small family.

Source: YouTube

Usually, YouTubers are getting paid $2 – $7 per monetized 1000. Several factors are essential like ad inventory, the number of people that skip the ad,  ad engagement, type of advertisement,  the number of commercials on the video, etc. Also, other factors are crucial, as the location of the viewer, and device played on a type of content, and more. All of these things influence on have much money YouTuber will get. The advertisements have an auction, and then they decide on what the price of an ad should be. The minimum to bid is $0.1 per view.

Google Preferred is the program where huge companies can choose 5% of the popular content and target those ads. The price of the ads is higher here. Besides from ads, Youtuber also can earn from YouTube Red viewers who are paying a monthly fee to watch premium content without ads. The longer the viewers watch the video, the more cash they will get.

Cam&Fam Net Worth 2024

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Cam&Fam channel has more than 1 million subscribers and over 150 million views. If we consider that she is getting 250,000 views per day, we can conclude that she can accumulate a revenue of $1000 per day and that means $355,000 per year. Turner is earning money from the ads that appear while the video is playing. Her estimated net worth is $300.000.