Home Club Blue Flame vs Follies Strip Club Friday Afternoon Review

Blue Flame vs Follies Strip Club Friday Afternoon Review


If your looking to hit a strip club up immediately after work before heading home on a Friday in Atlanta then Follies and Blue Flame are your best two options. Both options are free up till 9pm? I believe.

Follies was little more crowded by 5ish then the Blue Flame was. Blue Flame had Follies with the variety of black dancers (they had one thick white dancer) , Follies had all races (shapes & sizes) and only one or two thick black dancers walking around.

The Blue Flame opens at 1pm and up to 30 dancers (rough estimate) their by 3pm. You can also find free parking for both spots during the day and their isn’t a large crowd in either spot. The Blue Flame lap dancers are $5 and Follies charges $10.

I was shocked that the Flame had some quality looking dancers in their that early, they really made some changes in the recruiting department. Also the ladies at the Flame were laid back they weren’t trying to pressure you or get over on you by sliding in extra dances in your total balance.

So with all that said it should be pretty clear on which club you would decide on hitting up.. depending on your personal preference of dancers.  I personally would go back to Blue Flame before I went back to Follies, but that’s just my personal preference.  Leave your personal experiences at either club below in the comment section.



Follies is located at 4075 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

Blue Flame is located at  1097 Harwell Rd NW‎ Atlanta, GA 30318