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Blac Chyna XXL Magazine “Eye Candy Of The Month” Scans

The 23 year old Blac Chyna became famous for her 32D-27-42 stats and is one of the former must go see dancers at King of Diamonds. Check out her eye candy of the month XXL photo shoot scans and excerpt interview questions below.

So, the dancing came first,correct?

Dancing came first. I started dancing at age 18. I moved to Miami four years ago to go to school. I started dancing at the old Diamonds, the started dancing at King of Diamonds shortly after.

Do the sterotypes that come with being a stripper bother you?

It used to bother me but it doesn’t anymore. You learn to grow thick skin quick.

What are you doing to break out of that? What’s the next chapter for you?

I would love to get into acting. I was an extra in a movie that is about to come out and I absolutly loved it. I would love to work hard,take cla@$$@ and possible be a respected actress one day.

I threw in 4 bonus pictures of Blac Chyna and Tyga from their 55Mill photoshoot.