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Big Time Rush Net Worth 2024

BIG TIME RUSH --Pictured: Photo: Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena), Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt), James Diamond (James Maslow) and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson). Photo: Joseph Cultice/Weiss Artists. All Rights Reserved

Big Time Rush consists of Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos Pena Jr., and it is an American band that came after the four boys appeared in Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush. Here are some interesting facts about the band, as well as what is their net worth in 2024.

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Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush aired on Nickelodeon from November 2009 until July 2013. The first episode featured their song Big Time Rush, and the song served as the show’s theme song. In the show, the character names are Carlos Garcia, James Diamond, Logan Mitchell, and Kendal Knight. Kendall is the band’s leader, Carlos is the band’s clown, James is the handsome one while Logan has the brains. In 2014 they broke up as a band.

During their successful years as a whole group, the four released some successful albums and songs, and some of them were even featured in the Nickelodeon’s television series. Those songs include Any Kind of Guy and City is Ours. Halfway There got to the 93rd place on Billboard Hot 100, and in 2010 in September the group issued Till I Forget About You, and in the following month their debut album came out titled BTR, and the album got to the third place of Billboard 200. Big Night, a single from the album reached 79th place on Billboard Hot 100, and the album got to gold certification.

In 2010 they created cover songs during the holidays, and those covers include All I Want For Christmas Is You from Mariah Carey and Beautiful Christmas. The boyfriend was another song by this band, and the single reached 72nd place on Billboard Hot 100, and 30th on Billboard Pop Songs. Big Time Rush got nominated for MTV’s Breakthrough Band award, and the song Boyfriend got nominated for Premios Oye!, in Mexico, and they got nominated in the category Best International English Song of the Year, but unlucky for them, Rihanna went home with this award, as she was also nominated for it.

In 2011 they released a new song titled If I Ruled the World, which was a song from their third album named Elevate, and the album reached 12th place on Billboard 200. Music Sounds Better with U is another single created by Big Time Rush, and the song ended up on the 26th place on US Pop Songs. Big Time Rush had a tour after releasing their second album, and during the tour many of the famous performers if the time, like Jojo and One Direction sang at their opening.

In 2012 they released a movie called Big Time Movie, in which the boys went on a tour in London, but ended up trying to save the world. The movie was released in 2010 in the United States of America, and in 2012, Germany had the opportunity to see it for the first time in their cinemas. Big Time Rush boys created the soundtrack for the movie, and some of the songs featured covers of the legendary British band called the Beatles. The movie was a huge success, as it had over thirteen million viewers during its first week of airing in theaters and cinemas.

Like Nobody’s Around is another hit single from Big Time Rush, and they sang about boy bands like One Direction, which was supposed to be their rival band, as One Direction is also consisting of boys. That was revealed in Big Time Rush television series, in its fourth season in an episode titled Big Time Invasion. Their album 24/7 was also released in 2013, but the band experienced some problems when a song from the album was leaked, and only Kendall appeared to be present in the song, and they had issues when the Deluxe version of the alum was released by accident.

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The split

After the show stopped airing, so did the bads appearance. The boys went on to chase their own separate music careers. Logan Henderson issued a song Sleepwalker after three years of music break. Kendall Schmidt went back to perform with Dustin Belt and their duo Heffron Drive. Carlos Pena Jr. decided to do his career singing in Spanish, and James Maslow went on to appear in Dancing with the Stars.

Personal life

Carlos Pena Jr. is married to Alexa Vega, and you can watch them on their YouTube channel called LexLovesLos. The two have two boys. One born in 2016 and the second one in 2019. Logan’s dating past and present is unknown, and James Maslow is taking a break from relationships after his split ith Gabriela Lopez. Kendall Schmidt and Micaela von Turkovich are dating for a couple of years now.

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Big Time Rush Net Worth 2024

Even though they are not performing at the moment, the band is still receiving money, separately and what is left today of their music. The estimated net worth in 2024 in $10 million.