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5 Best Way to Send Lots of Photos to Someone

Sharing photos is an excellent way of communicating between two or more people. In this way, we share our thoughts and express our feelings than messages. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to send lots of pictures without attaching anything along with it. Many people are afraid that the size and quality of the photo will decrease when they send multiple images simultaneously.

A platform filewhopper.com is considered one of the best applications for bulk transfer of high-quality images without any data loss. You can enjoy the limitless sharing of files with excellent encryption security and other benefits. Transfer any file or folder of any size along with simultaneous uploads and downloads.

It is possible to share any number of images without compromising the quality by other applications. You can choose, upload, or send many photos to your family and friends. In the following write-up, we will discuss some crucial ways of sharing tons of pictures with someone privately without investing much time and effort.

1. Moments App of Facebook

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Facebook is a perfect social media platform that helps in connecting people across the globe. It helps in reducing the generation gap and brings everyone closer. If you want to share high-quality photos with your friends and family, you must use it. This application helps in sending pictures to someone with complete security. If you need to create a shared album, then you can use a feature, Facial Recognition.

Anyone can upload pictures so that every person added in the group can access every picture in it. The best thing is the quality that you can get on this platform. It is possible to upload and download lots of images at the same time. It is an online mode, and hence, you require an active internet connection for communicating within Facebook. You can easily maintain large and high-quality files without compromising the space issues.

2. Google Photos

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It is a fantastic feature of Google, which is available under Google Drive. This platform is common and most favorable for many people across the globe. It is possible to synchronize your images, and it will directly upload them on the Drive. The quality of the picture will remain the same. There is a feature of photo sharing, through which one can easily share multiple photos for free. You can also link files and folders with someone so that they can access them anytime.

But, one drawback is that Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage for free, and if you want more, then you have to buy it. When you feel that there is no need for any existing picture on the Drive, you can remove them. If you provide access to someone, he can remove pictures once he downloads all of them. Therefore, managing Google Photos is quite easy for every user.

3. Dropbox

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It is a similar application to Google Photos. The significant difference is the storage, i.e., only 2 GB, which is quite less. When it comes to syncing and connecting multiple users, then it is the perfect and easy one to use. It is a popular application, but many people are still unaware of its amazing feature of sharing multiple pictures with multiple users. You can share picture links to someone, which is safe to access.

If you want to increase the storage space, then you have to invite new members to join this platform. It will help in broadening the space and allows you to share bigger files without compromising quality and size. If you want to have more storage space, you have to purchase it, which is quite expensive. People with a limited number of pictures can easily send and share them on this application. It is possible to remove old photos that are of no use to any user.

4. AirDrop

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AirDrop is a fantastic desktop application for Mac users. It is possible to share multiple high-quality images with people around you with Apple devices. It is a quick, reliable, and secure way of sending and receiving pictures. You need to switch on the application on both devices and start sharing your stuff.

The Bluetooth technology is used to develop a peer-to-peer network between two devices. The firewalls are well-connected of the devices, and the sharing files get encrypted. It is a secure platform to share any number of pictures simultaneously. There is a limitation that when you switch on the Bluetooth, the application can access other users that are not available in your contacts.

But there is a possibility to get external files from another contact or user. There is no need for any storage space because it only shares the documents without storing them. It will move the files from one device to another.

5. Email

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Sharing pictures via email is another common practice that many people prefer. The receiver gets high-quality images, and it is easy to download them. You can add any number of recipients and attach lots of images and send them. But you need good internet speed to upload all the high-quality pictures. It can be a time-consuming process because the uploading time slows down with poor internet connectivity.

The good thing is that you can back up your files and view the records anytime. You can CC or BCC emails for selective members in the group. Once all the images get attached, you can also forward the same email to other friends easily. It is a safe way of transferring data until your login details get hacked.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, when we need to send multiple photos simultaneously, we find it a hectic job. It happened because we do not the right way of doing things that saves our time and effort. If you are also getting the same difficulty, you must try effective methods mentioned above in this article.

You will observe that you are familiar with the terms, but you have not taken advantage of them. But now you can start using these platforms for secure sharing of images without any data loss.