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4 Reasons Why Mattresses Are So Expensive

Having an excellent mattress is essential for many reasons, and you should never sleep on a bad one. After having a good night’s sleep, you will feel like a king or a queen; you will feel relaxed and full of energy.

But new mattresses can be so expensive that sometimes people tend to sleep on mattresses that aren’t so good. And why is that so?

If you’ve always asked yourself these questions or are planning on buying a new mattress and don’t know why you have to spend so much money, we will answer your questions.

The ultimate question of why they are so expensive is going to be answered. Believe it or not – many reasons justify the high price.

And here are those reasons:

1. They last for ages

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Yes, they really do. You don’t buy these every day; no one does that. Once you buy a mattress, and if you buy a great one, you can be sure that it will last you for ten years or sometimes even more. You don’t use it maybe when you are on vacation or a weekend getaway, but most of the days you use it. And if you calculate the days you use your mattress every year and divide the price with that number, you will realize that the price you pay per-day is meager. And remember it’s always better to buy something a little bit more expensive if you plan to use it every day. Conversely, if you decide to save money on something as important as a mattress, you risk buying something that’s not good.

2. You can’t buy a second-hand mattress

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Okay, maybe you know someone that’s bought a second-hand mattress. But would you do it? The market for second-hand mattresses basically doesn’t exist, and it’s for a reason. When people sleep on it, they sweat; they do a lot of things on it, eat, and make it filthy. You can clean it all you want, you can even do it professionally, but your mattress is never going to be like new.

So, most people refrain from buying second-hand, and most people don’t even sell their old and used pieces of furniture. Because of that, and the non-existence of a second-hand market, people always buy the new ones, and the manufacturers can put high prices because they know that people would still have to buy it.

3. Expensive mattresses are made out of super quality material

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You can find cheap mattresses, like everything in this world. But are they really worth it? No, they are not. The cheap is made of bad quality material, and sometimes they can deform in less than a year. And if you calculate the price and the days you’ve used it, it would turn out that the cheap mattress is more expensive than the pricier ones.

It’ because the expensive mattress lasts for more than ten years, and the cheap ones for only about a year. Like we already said, it’s always better to buy something a bit on the pricier end if you know that you are buying something that’s quality made.

If you want to learn more about the materials used when making mattresses, you should visit mattress-review.org.

It’s simple, even if you want to buy a sweater, a cashmere one will cost you much more than a polyester one. It’s the same with mattresses; if you want one made of premium material, you’ll need to pay a bit extra.  Memory foam and latex are materials that are expensive, and there aren’t many manufacturers that produce these kinds of materials. Those who want it made of natural materials and fiber will have to pay a bit more. Even the stitches can dictate the price; hand-side stitched borders are more expensive than the machine ones.

Foam types are great because they are more durable, and they are better maintaining shape over time. A foam mattress is as durable as the density of the foam. And the density of the foam will determine the price, high-density foam is more expensive than the regular one.

Hybrid mattresses that consist of foam or latex and classical springs can also be high in price, because of the combination of these two worlds. If there are many springs in the mattress plus the foam or the latex part, the price will just go up.

4. If we talk about the furniture industry mattresses, have one of the highest profit margins

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Did you know that mattresses can have profit margins up to 50% range? Maybe it doesn’t seem high? But when we compare it to the grocery stores, for example, that have an average profit margin around 2.5%, does it seem high enough now? Because of this, many possible competitors enter the furniture industry. And a significant part of that is that almost everyone is trying to be better than their competitors, meaning you can find some great mattresses available on the market.


If you want to have a peaceful and a good night’s sleep, we recommend you buy a quality-made mattress that you can be sure will last you for many years to come. It’s known that people who sleep on good mattresses have better sleep and night, and are more productive the next day, they are happier and more relaxed.

Mattresses influence your life in many ways, both physically and mentally. Everyone wants to live a good life and to feel good mentally and physically, and to achieve that – you need to sleep right. And you will achieve that only with a good mattress.

It would be best if you didn’t look to save money when buying a mattress because that’s an investment in your lifestyle.

We hope that you now understand why some mattresses are so expensive and why some aren’t. And that you understand that those that are cheap are made out of poor quality materials and that in the end, they cost you much more than the expensive ones.

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Before buying a new mattress, try to do a little research, go to the shops and try out various mattresses to find that one that’s going to be perfect for you. Don’t rush yourself to buy the first one you come along; always remember you are probably going to sleep on it for the next ten years. And if you buy a premium mattress or are extra lucky, there’s even a possibility that you’ll be sleeping on it for the next fifteen years. As time passes, you will figure out that your mattress wasn’t expensive at all.