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5 Best High-CBD Strains For Anxiety

Sometimes we all fear, worry, and feel anxiety, or inner turmoil because of various things. The first day at work, waiting for medical results, making important life decisions, etc. – these are all situations in which we can experience the appearance of stress and anxiety. Nowadays, we try to resort to the use of medicines as little as possible in these situations – and we increasingly turn to nature and what comes from it. CBD oil has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deal with this type of disorder. But when it comes to choosing, we are often in a dilemma – which oil to choose? What is best for us? Therefore, we will draw your attention to some of the best CBD strains that will successfully help you fight anxiety.

What Is Anxiety?

There are everyday situations in which we can experience various emotions. We usually deal with them very successfully, but there are still days when we are less successful in the fight against everyday pressures. In some situations, people find it very difficult to control their worries and anxieties. If the feeling of panic, restlessness or worry lasts for a long time, endangering the quality of your life and paralyzing you – then we are talking about anxiety, that is, an anxiety disorder. At this moment, most people around the world are struggling with the coronavirus. Such a situation has limited us in our movement, and many people are losing their jobs. The level of stress within different populations has reached extremely high levels. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have come to the ‘edge’ – and anxiety has become even more common. If you are struggling with anxiety, know that CBD oil can effectively alleviate many of the symptoms of this problem.

Source: Verywell Mind

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is a prolonged feeling of discomfort. These can be worry or fear and can occur in a milder or more severe form. It is, in fact, our body’s response to a stressful situation. Due to that, there is a drop in energy, concentration, and thus the quality of life is completely deteriorating. Uncontrolled feelings of restlessness and anxiety, difficulty sleeping, panic, tension, irritability, skipping heartbeat, short (shallow) breath, dizziness – these are just some of the symptoms of anxiety. Although it seems very complex – this disorder is one of the very common problems of both younger and older populations. This problem can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, or education.

Influence Of CBD Oil In Anxiety Treatment

Different effects and effects of CBD oil are known. However, the question arises – is CBD anti-anxiety oil an effective way to eliminate this mental state? How does CBD oil work against anxiety and anxiety disorders? Research suggests that CBD oil stimulates neurotransmitter systems and nerve regeneration.

Best CBD Strains For Treating Anxiety

When consuming CBD, it is important to use products of a certain variety – because each of them has a separate effect on our body and mind. When it comes to anxiety treatments – it is recommended to use varieties that will have a relaxing effect. According to MiamiRave – you can use various CBD strains in a variety of product forms such as oil, tea, sour space candy, or even smokable forms.  This way you will avoid most of the other symptoms that anxiety brings with it. Therefore, we present to you 5 well-known varieties that are often used in the treatment of various health problems including anxiety.

1. Stephen Hawking Kush

Source: Leafly

Although its name indicates that it can take you to cosmic heights, don’t be confused. This strain is for all those who consider themselves ‘beginners’ in the use of CBD because it offers relatively mild effects, which established a monster of relaxation. It does not belong to too strong and concentrated but releases a moderate dose of CBD. After use, you will feel relaxed because this strain has a calming effect on the whole organism.


Source: Medical Jane

This is one of the strains that have a well-known effect in the treatment of anxiety. Its effect on anxiety and its various symptoms – is well-known among users of CBD products. Although your variety also contains a THC component, this amount is almost imperceptible. The ratio in which it is made is 20: 1 in favor of CBD, which makes this strain a favorite for almost all consumers. When it comes to anxiety – ACDC is a great choice for anyone looking to relieve tension, pain, or a panic attack. This type provides its consumers with a slight body relaxation and a slight lifting of the mood, with no excessive influence on the state of your psyche.

3. Harlequin

Source: Cannabis Now

This is certainly one of the strains of CBD that are extremely popular among users. Its ratio with the THC component is slightly different and is a 5: 2 CBD / THC ratio. This scale will arouse only a slight euphoria in the user and help you improve every activity you do.

4. Harle-Tsu

Source: CBD Oil Reviews

Some varieties are handmade, and Harle-Tsu is just one of them. This variety was also created by cultivator Lawrence Ringo and represents one of the extraordinarily functional CBD types. It is a combination of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami strains, created to accomplish a pleasant effect without burdening the consumer with ant strong effects of sedation.

5.  Sweet And Sour Widow

Source: CBD Crew

Here we have a slightly stronger CBD variant that is enhanced with a THC component in a 1:1 ratio. Although it has a partial psychoactive effect, this variety will not stun you too much, but just as much as you need. It is this quality that makes this variety good in anxiety treatments because it calms you and improves your mood but without visible signs of intoxication. You will be at the same time stoned but also euphoric, and we hope to achieve the right balance.

The Bottom Line

As we can see, CBD is effective in fighting anxiety and helps you alleviate and eliminate all signs and symptoms of nervousness or stress. Also, cannabidiol is known to have beneficial and healing properties for the overall psychophysical condition of the body. If you suffer from anxiety and want to solve this problem naturally and painlessly – this can be a good option. Therefore, give it a try.