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7 Best Asian-Made SUVs That Should Be on Your Shopping List in 2024

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Having a car has long been not a luxury but a necessity. The popularity of large cars and SUVs is growing day by day, due to their comfort, and because of the space they have, and above all, due to easy access to uneven terrain.

With their design, they attract attention on the roads, and their specifications do not leave anyone indifferent. Asian carmakers have always been worth attention. They are characterized by favorable prices and the fact that the appearance of the car is reduced to a minimum, without “kitsch” as is the case with German cars. If you are interested to know more about these vehicles, click Learn more.

So, let’s start in order, to see which SUVs deserve your attention.


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Since the first RAV4 was produced in 1994, it has survived 4 generations, but also numerous arrangements when it comes to interior and exterior appearance.They are characterized by low fuel consumption and are considered the best-selling car in the world, especially in Russia.

This SUV is designed so that it cannot go unnoticed. At the EURO NCAP 2019 safety test, it was this vehicle that received the highest rating. This applies to the safety of passengers and children, as well as the auxiliary safety system. This vehicle stems from Toyota’s new global architecture and is a reflection of fundamental strength.What is important to note regarding casual road users is that this vehicle has sensors that detect pedestrians and cyclists, and thus reduce the possibility of accidents.

Still, the one that experienced particular success was the 2011 model, as the look became more modern and the technical equipment was in the range of other cars in the same class. The larger cars have been increased, and the engine range has been updated.The interior and exterior are modern, and there have been significant engine changes. This is supported by the fact that there are two petrol and one diesel units, and it is also produced with three types of gearboxes – manual, automatic, and CVT. You will rarely find an owner who is dissatisfied with these amazing four-wheelers.


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This is one of those vehicles that give the same pleasure to the driver and other passengers. It is of high quality and belongs to the middle-class SUV.The luggage space has been increased, making it the perfect family vehicle. When we talk about dynamic performance, suffice it to say that it has excellent control, management, and handling.With this vehicle, you will be safe on all terrains, while Mazda’s intelligent AWD system will reduce fuel consumption. Four-wheel drive allows you to master even the highest ascent. It is also important to say that, thanks to the cylinder deactivation system, fuel consumption is significantly reduced.


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This is a vehicle with an extremely modern and sporty look that most resembles a coupe. With this vehicle, we guarantee that you will never go unnoticed, and its dynamism and power are obvious. What makes this car stand out is the technology that can save us in the event of an accident on the road – active high beam system (HSS), active braking system (CTBA), the Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR), as well as the Collision Warning System (FCW).


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This car will be liked by everyone who has more children because it is produced with five and seven seats. It has a 3,5-liter V6 engine with 284 horsepower. Also, the interior is spacious. However, the downside of this model is the somewhat outdated look and the ride that suffers on uneven pavement.When it comes to safety, out of a possible 5, this vehicle deserves just as many stars.


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The sporty look of Tucson is achieved by carefully balanced proportions, and the sidelines contribute to a strong and recognizable look. Nature lovers will be delighted by the news that new, optimized engines reduce CO2 emissions. Also, they meet the Euro 6D standard. The transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch (DCT). This gives it lower fuel consumption and ease as you operate a manual transmission.When it comes to safety, it features the latest active safety technology – the accident prevention assistance system (FCA), the lane-keeping system (LKA), and the blind-spot warning system (BCW), driver fatigue warning (DAW), LED lighting technology, high beam assist (HBA) and many more. They are characterized by comfort and modern interior.


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This model has won numerous awards, of which the Red Dot Design Award is important. It is the perfect combination of style, comfort, safety, and driving pleasure. When it comes to comfort, the ergonomics of Kia vehicles have been noticed and rewarded, and the intuitive use of switches on the steering wheel enables a carefree and safe ride.Newer models significantly reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions. It is for this reason that Kia is ranked on Interbrand’s list of the 50 best green brands.


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This is a very affordable vehicle that will delight you with its spacious interior, superior Hi-Tech performance, and sophisticated design that will attract the eyes of passers-by on the road.This model is equipped with the famous Acura system Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD)it is a system that increases towing capability.The MDX draws both power and efficiency from a 3.5-liter, 290-horsepower V-6 engine 81 that features Direct Gas Injection, Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), and the Acura i-VTEC system.Reasonable prices and good interior make this vehicle very popular.When it comes to maintenance, it’s one of those cars that you won’t have to put in a lot of money. The vehicles that are considered to be on par with this SUV are the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Honda Pilot, Land Rover Discovery, and many others.