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How To Hire An Attorney For Internet Crimes

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Internet crimes, such as wire fraud and identity theft, are rising, and the FBI is cracking down on this illegal behavior. If you have been accused of an Internet crime at the state or federal level, you may need a criminal defense lawyer such as the ones from BRSLaw.com in your corner.

Please keep reading to learn more about finding the best attorney for this type of case. Remember, Internet crime cases involve many challenging litigation issues and plenty of grey areas. Your best chance to fight these serious charges is to find a skilled and experienced Internet crimes lawyer.

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Review Legal Ratings on MartindaleHubbell.com And Avvo.com

These two websites are among the best rating sites for attorneys to check before you decide on the best Internet crime lawyer.

An Avvo rating is determined with mathematics that checks the data in an attorney’s profile, such as their years of experience in criminal law, achievements in the field, recognition in the industry, and much more.

Every lawyer in Avvo.com is rated from 1-10, with 10 being the highest. It’s critical to remember that an attorney cannot ‘buy’ a great Avvo rating. Every attorney is treated equally by Avvo, and an attorney must be top-notch to receive a top rating.

MartindaleHubbell.com is a highly respected site that has offered rankings of law firms and attorneys for decades. This site gives one of three ratings to criminal defense attorneys: AV, BV, and Rated. AV is the most prestigious rating; to achieve it, the lawyer must show excellence in defending her clients over a decade or more.

Also, the attorney must get excellent recommendations from judges, law firms, and previous clients. When you add up all of these different components and get an Internet crimes attorney with an AV rating, you can be confident that your case will be handled with great skill.

Another place to check is your state bar association for a list of attorneys in your area. That site should have the attorneys broken down by specialty, so it’s an excellent place to start.

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Look For Experience In Local Courts

Having experience is critical in the legal field, but it’s essential that an attorney is familiar with your local court system. It’s a significant advantage to be represented by an Internet crimes lawyer who knows the jurisdiction where your case is being handled.

Every court has its quirks and procedures that make it unique, and it also helps if your attorney is on a first-name basis with the staff there. And it never hurts if your attorney has an excellent reputation with people who are handling your case for that jurisdiction!

If you are considering a few experienced attorneys, it’s wise to give the edge to the one with the most experience in the court where your case is being handled.

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Check Testimonials And Reviews From Past Clients

The Internet crimes attorney you’re considering likely has a website. While a lot of experience is helpful, it’s also essential to check with previous clients to see if they were happy or not with their results. As you may know, some Internet crimes are felonies and can result in years in prison, so having a great attorney with excellent reviews can make a huge difference in your outcome.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to several past clients to see if they got the result they wanted and how their cases went from start to finish.

You also can check reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews for more information.

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Look For Former Prosecutors

This last point isn’t a requirement, but many of the best criminal defense attorneys were prosecutors in their previous profession.

State and local prosecutors spent years learning how a criminal case is built from beginning to end. On the other hand, criminal defense lawyers spend their time picking apart the prosecution’s case.

Having an attorney who was a prosecutor helps because he or she knows how the DA thinks. They understand how the prosecutor built the case, so they can figure out how to tear it apart.

Also, a former prosecutor knows the concerns that affect the DA’s decision that is working your case. If your attorney is skilled enough, they may be able to keep the DA happy and get you the best outcome you can hope for, too.

If you apply the principles and tips above, you’re more likely to find an Internet crimes attorney who can help you get the best possible result.