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Atlanta Onyx Strip Club Friday Night Review

I got to Onyx around 11ish and parking across the street was already $20, there isn’t avoiding paying the parking lot mafia unless you park on the side street of the club.

We called earlier to reserve a section but the manager was on vacation so we had to go to the club early. The couches were all $200-300 and a bottle of Ciroc was $300. Bow Wow as in the parking lot when we arrived and the night before Birdman and Rick Ross were in the building.

When you get a section on Friday you still have to pay the $20 door fee, some clubs usually let you bring in x amount of people with a section being that your paying $500+. They said it was because the door was promoters and the sections are the clubs so they are separated.

The club was light when we first got there for about an hour. If you’re not familiar with Oynx on their premiere nights it gets packed to the point where your shoulder to shoulder if you’re not in a section of the club. So if you like space I suggest you arrive before 1am cause after that it gets congested. There were some A grade dancers hanging around, mixed in the B grade ones earlier in the night. After 1am you have to go on a hunt around the club for a majority of the A grade dancers if you don’t see them on stage. What usually happens is they end up handcuffed in a VIP section for hours straight. The most accessible dancers towards the end of the night were the ones no one was choosing.

When it comes down to the lap dances a lot of A grade dancers in the club give you minimal contact if any unless your breaking bread. I think they have boujee’r dancers then Magic City or Diamonds of Atlanta when it comes to atti*udes. I think the shot girls had more personality then the baddest dancers in there. DJ Nando was doing his thing on the 1’s and 2’s as usual he gives you entertainment on the mic and good music. Around 1:30-2am I started seeing more dancers on the floor walking around. They had a lot of new faces in the building.

Over all it was a good night, I would recommend Onyx to some one looking for good strip club to go to on Friday night.