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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2024

Ashton Kutcher is one of the most famous actors in the whole world. Not only he has massive popularity, but he is also very charming and charismatic. In the last twenty years, Kutcher filmed some of the best movies in his career. Except for the films he is also very popular with TV shows and sitcom. Even now, we can watch him on Netflix.

But, this is not everything he does. In addition to his acting career, he is also an investor in a lot of companies. It’s also important to mention that Kutcher has stock in some of the most significant technology companies. So, besides he is a great actor, he is also a good investor.

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Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on the 7th of February in Iowa, USA. He was raised in a Catholic family which was relatively conservative. Kutcher grows up with two siblings, a sister named Tausha and a brother called Michael. When it comes to his education, it’s important to mention that he attended Washington High School.

When Ashton was a senior year, he changed his school and started to go to Creek Amana High School. What is interesting about him is the fact that back in high school, he was a real rebel. Ashton made a lot of problems in high school, and because of the breaking school rules, Ashton was arrested. After that, he had to spend three years in prison.

When Kutcher got out, he changed the school and started to attend the University of Iowa. Still, he left the school because he decided to start his career as a model and an actor.

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Private Life

Ashton Kutcher got married two times. The first time was in 2005 when he got married to an actress Demi Moore. They had been together for more than a decade, but in 2012 they decided to get divorced. In 2013 the divorce was legally finalized. The reason for this divorce was another actress, Mila Kunis. Ashton and Mila started their relationship in 2012, and after three years they decided to tie a wedding knot. Their love lasts till now, and they have two children, a son, Dimitri Portwood and a daughter, Wyatt.

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His career started successfully as a model. He worked for Sign Modeling Agency, and he appeared in a lot of commercials for famous brands. In 1998 he even showed up in an ad for Calvin Klein. His acting career started with a role in the TV sitcom “That 70s Show”. This TV series was top – rated from 1998 to 2006 when it was aired. “70s Show” brought Ashton a lot of fame.

From this point, his career started to grow, and he acted in a lot of hits. Some of the most significant movies for his career are: “No strings attached,” “Just Married,” “Dude, where is my car,” “The Guardian,” “Killers,” “The Long Home,” and “Valentine’s Day.” And those are not all, Ashton played in a lot more films. 2011 was an important year for his career. That was the year when he started to act in a tremendously famous sitcom, “Two and a half men.” This role brought him even more fame. In 2016 he played in “The Ranch.”

If we consider his productive career, it’s natural that he was awarded a lot of times. He has won 15 Teen Choice Awards, 2 Golden Raspberry Awards, Hollywood Film Award, and People’s Choice Award and that’s quite impressive.

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Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2024

Not only that he has money from modeling and acting, but he also has money from investments. He has shared from Skype, Airbnb, and more. He is also an owner of the Italian restaurant “Dolce.” If we consider all of this, it’s not a surprise that his net worth is 220 million USD. There is no doubt that this number will keep getting higher.