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Are You a Helicopter Mom?

Are you concerned about the protection of your children in the real and cyber world? Do their cell phone activities make you suspicious? Do their outdoor visits make you worried? Do your kids feel annoyed about your probing and over-protective attitude? Being helicopter parents and taking too much interest in your kids’ lives can harm parent-kid bonding. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about kids’ online and offline protection. However, you need to handle the situation smartly and without annoying your kids. This article discusses how parents can take the support of a mobile app to keep track of every single activity of their kids without being helicopter parents.

App for Child Monitoring

Parents can make use of TheOneSpy child monitoring app to supervise the online and offline activities of their children. Once you install their mobile phones connected with the app, you can keep tabs on their events performed on and around that phone. It lets you know what messages your kids receive and what they post on social media platforms. Read on to understand how the child monitoring app works and what core features are.

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How does Child Monitoring App Work?

The cell phone tracker software lets you track and control the smartphones of your children. You can get access to data stored on the monitored phone, including chats, call logs, contacts, media files, internet browsing history, passwords, and more. Once you install the app on the target device, the app syncs phone data and uploads it to the online portal. Parents can log into the online portal to retrieve the data.

What Can the Child Monitoring App Do?

The app keeps you updated about every single mobile phone activity of your kids. You can find out what they are conversing with, whom they are in contact and what are their upcoming plans. Given are features of the mobile phone monitoring and parental control app.

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Track Messages

You can read incoming and outgoing messages of your kids without getting access to their phones. The app creates an online backup of messages by uploading them to the online portal. You can retrieve these messages anytime by logging into the online portal. It lets you know if your kid is being victimized by online bullies or predators.

Listen to Calls

The phone calls can be listened by getting recorded. The app automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls and allows accessing the recorded calls through the online portal. You can also access call logs and contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Watch Out Social Media Activities

The social media obsession with teens is not out of sight. They dedicate most of their time to social networking apps where they may expose to bullying, self-harm challenges, child molestation, and scams. Parents can watch out the social media activities of their children by tracking Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype. You can trace their online chats, group chats, media files, calls, posts, and more activities.

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Find Out Whereabouts

The parental control app lets you find whereabouts of your children to ensure they are safe wherever they are. By logging into the online portal of TheOneSpy, you can see their current GPS location. You can also find out what places they have visited.

Capture Real-Time Phone Activities

The cell phone activities of children can be captured to detect what they are doing presently. You can send command for screen recording or screenshots to obtain whatever appears on the phone screen.

Access Browsing History

The internet browsing history of kids’ mobile phones can be accessed to detect what information they search on the internet.

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Access Passwords

The app records keystrokes applied to the monitored phone. These keystrokes contain data of passwords, usernames, email addresses, and messenger chats.

Surround Recording

The high-tech parental control app lets you monitor events happening in the surrounding of the monitored phone. You can operate a camera and microphone of the target device to see and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds. It lets you ensure that your kids are safe wherever they are.

Bottom Line

The mobile phone monitoring and parental control app enables parents to supervise the online and offline lives of their children.