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6 Celebrities Who Love Flowers

The whole globe is eager to know the latest gossip Hollywood has to offer, right? Whether it’s good news for someone filming a blockbuster or the negative side of checking in a hospital for treatment because of alcohol problems, we can’t get enough.

Maybe it is in human nature to judge others to feel good about themselves or to remind ourselves we all make mistakes. Either way, we devote time and energy to stay informed about the happenings in the life of celebrities we adore. In a way, we give them a specific and almost idol position from our perspective as they were flawless and immortal.

The well-known stars of Hollywood tend to get our attention with absolutely perfect wardrobe, style of life you dream of, and with the freedom which they present their opinion. Every step they take makes sounds all over the globe.

Still, at the end of the day, they are all people in real situations we all encounter. How little do we know about personal hobbies, charity work (click here for more details), family, and out of red carpet activity? The answer is not so much because it is not so glamorous to tingle our interest.

Celebrities have a soft spot as we also do, and that is when it comes to flowers. We have done the homework and prepared a list of A-list stars that are addicted to flowers more than on anything else.

Leonardo Dicaprio

Source: Movienuggets

The famous movie actor and producer is a topic of the media where ever he makes an appearance. He is considered one of the best and complete actors of his generation, considering he has been on the big screen for over 30years, and he is only 45 years of age.

His open interest and investment in the environmental issues have been a subject of admiration from his fans. But the fact that he is so rigorous about the presence of flowers in his daily functioning is a positive surprise.

Before arriving in hotels or his homes in Europe and LA, he specifically askes for fresh flowers in his rooms. Leonardo is a big flower fan and claims his roots from Europa ( Italian and German descent, grandparents from Russia) make it natural to crave for them regularly.

Jennifer Garner

Source: Pinterest

Another member of the A-list stars that is hugely popular all over the globe is Jenifer Garner. Using her influence to change the public approach and focus attention on childhood education are the results of her activism.

The former wife of Ben Affleck is a firm believer that besides the works she does on the red carpet, she can make an impact in different areas of social awareness.  It seems that everything she sets her mind to turns into a smart decision for anyone to recognize.

People tend to associate her affection to flowers with the fact that she named her children Seraphina Rose and Violet as the proof for it.  Without any doubt, she is a massive fan of delphinium and gladiolas, with daily pictures of her carrying a well-arranged bouquet.

We talked to people from Floraqueen.com and they confirmed that she truly has the flowers in her heart.

Sir Elton John

Source: Fox News

One of the most successful English songwriters, singers, and composers, Sir Elton John, is included in our A-list. He has been shaping the people’s perspectives, hopes, and dreams with his songs over 40 years now. Such musical talent has not been able to resist the beauty of flowers.

The story of almost 19 years ago tells that Elton John reported in the official investigation of his expenses the amount of around £293,000 for flowers in two years. Well-known for his clear answers, he replied that he likes flowers when asked why did he spend the mentioned amount.

We all have some kryptonite we can’t fight off, in this Elton’s case, it was flowers. Elton John is a flower man, and will probably always have at least one flower on his piano when performing.

Katy Perry

Famous singer, performer, songwriter, and a social network goddess Katy Perry is the No1 flowers fan on this list. She may not have documented high amounts spent on flowers, but we assure you she is not far behind the previous member on the list.

Katy insists on fresh flowers when performing on stage, not to mention in her homes. Katy Perry’s wardrobe, costumes, all have flower details that are mainly intended to spark and raise attention with her fans.

According to numerous reports, her favorite flowers are peonies and hydrangeas. With a bright career in front of her, we are sure she will include many more flower-surprises in her videos and live performances to come.


Source: squaremadonna – Altervista

The famous queen of pop music, actress, and songwriter is next on our list. With probably the best live performance that has put the bar up for others to reach, Madonna is a real fan of flowers since the start of her career.

Throughout her career, Madonna has known to implement individual styles on the stage and off it. Influencing a broader audience each day, such a recognized performer is a passionate fan of flowers with white roses as the preferred choice between flowers.

The majority of her costumes are designed with some details of flowers. The most frequent is the symbol of the rose.

Angelina Jolie

Source: arabicpost.net

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful and wanted actresses in Hollywood. Apart from her great success on the big screens, she is well-known for her humanitarian work. The ex-wife of Brad Pitt is a big fan of orchids. According to reports, she requests fresh orchids in every hotel room she stays in. This is a subtle choice considering that orchids are a common and elegant flower.

In the end, as we said, celebrities are people too, with their habits, hobbies, and preferred choices of flowers. They express themselves differently because of the occasions they are in. Still, you can see that we all share the same affection towards flowers, putting us in the same group with the mentioned people from the red carpet.