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Andrew Featherston Net Worth 2024

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Andrew Featherston is a musician who lives in California. He is a notable name among musicians since he is a master in playing the percussion. Presently, he is the member of the indie band, “The Hereafter.” Because of the lack of financials, it performs low budget shows and has a small label. The result is a small but selected audience.

Anyway, many people know him as a long-time boyfriend of a “Grey’s Anatomy” star actress, Sandra Oh. The couple is happily in love for 14 years now.

Read about have the two met, are they married, and about the career path of Andrew.

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Relationship with Sandra Oh

When we talk about Andrew’s previous relationships, we must say he didn’t have many of them. In fact, there is some information that famous Canadian actress Sandra Oh is his first girlfriend ever.

On the other hand, Sandra Oh was previously married to American writer/director, Alexander Payne in 2003. After five years of relationship and marriage, the couple split. Their marriage officially ended on 22 December 2007.

They started dating back in 2005. From that time to now, the couple is enjoying the love life in private of their space. They were captured in media only during 2007 and 2008. Then, they would always be spotted hiking together, riding bicycles, or just taking a walk hand in hand.

We don’t know for sure if Andrew and Sandra are married or not. However, there is some rumor that the couple had their wedding ceremony in 2007.

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Although every musical band tends to gain popularity, make it big, perform on large stages, not many of them succeed in it.

“The Hereafter” is a band with a limited audience and is still not able to break the door down. One of the members is Andrew Featherston. He plays various percussionist instruments.

To most of the unknown readers, it is an independent band that was founded in Salisbury. Due to the lack of big financials, it performs low budget shows and has a small label. Because of this, the band didn’t get the recognition yet. It is known only among a few people who are keen on alternative music.

Unfortunately, there are frequent changes in the band members, so this made it even harder for “The Hereafter” to leave a mark. The result is constant ups and downs for the band.

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Andrew Featherston Net Worth 2024

Andrew Featherston earns his money from a musical career. His concerts and tours that are organized from time to time also represent a part of the incomes.

Although Andrew didn’t gain world-popularity with his band, he still has a pretty amount of money. It is estimated that Featherston’s net worth is as high as 1 million dollars.