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Ana Barbara Net Worth 2024

Ana Barbara is a famous Latin singer and songwriter. Apart from music, Ana’s career is also based on acting, modeling, and producing. This Mexican artist became famous after she first started her career in the year 1994.

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Early Life

Ana Barbara’s real name is Altagracia Ugalde Mota, and she was born in El Pitayo, San Luis, Mexico. Her birthday is on January 10, 1971. Even though there is not much information available about Ana’s childhood, we do know that her passion for music and talent for performing started showing when she was very young. She even sang in many different genres and children singing competitions.

Ana started to sing grouper music after she had won one of the kid’s singing contests in her hometown, San Luis Potosi.

Ana Barbara was a contestant of Miss Mexico, where she was crowned Miss San Luis Potosi. The appearance in this contest gave her the opportunity to start her music career.

Ana Barbara moved to Mexico City, and in 1993, she even became the Face of the Herald of Mexico. She was also named Ambassador of the Ranchera song. That same year Ana sang for Pope John Paul II in Mexico.

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In 1994, Ana Barbara was signed to the Fonovisa label.

She was a debut music album released in 1994 by this talented Latin star. It sold 100 000 copies. This album contained songs such as Nothing and Everything I Learned From You.

The success that Ana had because of her first release got her noticed by some famous artists and groups. That is why Los Tigres del Norte, Bronco, as well as Marco Antonio Solis decided to invite Ana Barbara to be the opening act on their concert tours.

Ana Barbara released her second album in the year 1995, and it was called La Trampa. This release made her even more successful. One year later, Ana released her third album titled Ay Amor.

The album that made Ana incredibly famous was her fourth release, called Los Besos No Se Dan En La Camisa. One of the most popular songs from this album is called Como Me Haces Falta, and it was written by Marco Antonio Solis. It was very popular on the radio, not only with the Mexican audience but with people in the United States, as well.

Ana Barbara continued to rise as a star with her fifth and sixth album, which are named Your Decision and I Give You the Rain, respectively. In 2003, Ana Barbara released an album titled Bandido, which signified the peak of her career. The album after that one was called Loca de Amor, and it contained the popular single Loca.

In 2005, Ana started a relationship with Jose Maria Fernandez, who was a widower. His wife was late Mariana Levy, a conductor, and an actress. Ana Barbara moved in with her then-boyfriend and his children. In 2006, Ana Barbara had a son with Jose, and they named him Jose Maria.

After that, Ana released her ninth album which was called No Es Brujeria. Soon after, she decided to take a break from her career in order to spend more time with her family.

Ana Barbara resumed her singing career in 2009 and released a new album titled Rompiendo Cadenas. This album was a mix of pop sounds and tropical rhythms, and it included a duet with her friend Reyli.

In the year 2010, Ana Barbara and Jose Maria Fernandez separated after being married for four years. In 2011, she announced that she was expecting her third child, and in 2012, she introduced her son Jeronimo de Jesus. His biological father is a famous singer, Reyli.

Ana Barbara returned to singing with a new single called Your Ingratitude.

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Ana Barbara Net Worth 2024

Ana Barbara is a hugely successful singer, so it does not come as a surprise that she has accumulated a large amount of wealth during her career. As of this year, Ana has a net worth that is estimated at close to 25 million dollars.

Ana has gained most of her money by selling records, but it is also worth mentioning that she appeared on TV many times. It is safe to say that this talented performer is living her dream.