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Amber Valletta Net Worth 2024

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Amber Valletta is an American model and actress, most famous by her appearance in US Vogue when she was eighteen years old. Today, Amber is 45 years old, and she lives in Los Angeles, California.

Early life and modeling career

Amber Evangeline Valletta was born on 9th February 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is raised by her parents and has American – Portuguese – Italian origin. Despite the fact she was born in Phoenix, Amber grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The actress claims she had a peaceful and happy childhood and that her parents were always supportive and caring.

Amber showed an interest in acting and modeling ever since she was a child. When Amber turned fifteen, her mother decided to sign her up in a modeling school. Soon after that, her career as an amateur model begins.

Shortly, the modeling agency called Layman Agency recruited her, and after some time Amber gained a lot of popularity, and she was compared with supermodels of that time, such as Kate Moss.

During the 90s was the period of Amber’s breakthrough and she did some fantastic things in her modeling career. For instance, during the decade, Amber appeared at least thirteen times in Vogue covers, which makes her only model to do that, right after Claudia Schiffer who appeared sixteen times.

Also, in 1999, Amber got a recognition from Vogue magazine how she is one of their modern muses, which meant a lot to her back then, as she stated once.

Moreover, Amber was on the cover for many famous magazines, such as Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Bazaar, and many more.

Amber later started her collaboration with many famous designer houses, such as Gucci, Versace, Dior, Valentino, and she did runways for them as well.

After her glorious modeling career in the period of 2000s, Amber made several short breaks, where she dedicated herself to some other projects, such as filming. However, she did close a Versace Autumn/Winter show in 2017, and she was an official face for Escada in 2018.

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Film career

Amber has many talents, and her second passion apart from modeling is acting. Therefore, she appeared in several movies and performed side by side with Hollywood stars such as Nicholas Cage, Danny DeVito, Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfieffer, and many more.

One of her first appearances on the big screen was in the dark comedy ”Lucky” in 2003. Amber was also a host on MTV’s House of the Style show, where she hosted Shalom Harlow. After that, Amber appeared in comedy ”Drop Back Ten”.

Soon after that, many producers recognized her talent, and Amber found herself in movies such as ”What Lies Beneath” with Harrison Ford, and TV series ”Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story” in 2001.  Along with Nicholas Cage, she played a role in ”The Family Man”.

However, her first significant role was in the movie ”Hitch” where she played Allegra Cole. It is a romantic comedy released in 2005, and Amber said she enjoyed filming it. Also, the critics were positive.

After ”Hitch” success was knocking on Amber’s door, and she got a leading role in movie ”The Last Time” in 2006, where she got a chance to work with legendary actors Brendan Fraser and Michael Keaton.

In 2010 she had a pleasure to work with Jackie Chan in the movie ”The Spy Next Door.” Moreover, Amber had many roles and appearances behind her, and she can be proud of herself for what she achieved in her career.

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Personal life and social media presence

Amber is a big fan of Instagram and instead posts there. Currently, she has around 434k followers.

Besides, Amber is a spokesperson for a campaign ”Oceana’s Seafood Contamination Campaign.”

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why she is away from the public eyes is her long – term struggle with alcohol and drugs addiction. Amber came out in 2014 when she spoke publicly about her addiction.

Regarding her relationships, Amber was married to Herve Le Bihan in 1994. However, the couple divorced two years later. Nevertheless, Amber exchanged vows again, this time with Chip McCaw, a volleyball player in 2003 and they have a son named Auden. Sadly, the couple split in 2015.

However, Amber is not alone, she is currently dating Teddy Charles, a famous hairdresser in Hollywood, and they live together in Los Angeles, California.

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Amber Valletta Net Worth 2024

Regarding Amber’s career and success, both in the modeling and acting world, we can say that she has a quite impressive amount on her banking account. Hence, her net worth is estimated to be $9million.