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Amber Scholl Net Worth 2024

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Amber Scholl is a Youtuber from the USA, and she recently gained more attention. She was born on 13 August 1993, and her star sign is Leo.

Amber Scholl Private Life


There is not much information known about Amber’s early life before she was a well-known internet star. She does, however, share a lot of her current life on her YouTube channel. Despite that, she is still very secretive about her love life. Amber has two sisters, Alyssa and Angela, and they have appeared in the sister tag video on Amber’s YouTube channel.

Social Media


Amber is very active on her social media accounts, and she likes communicating with her followers, along with promoting her work. Amber Scholl’s Instagram account has gained more than 760 000 followers so far. She lets her fans in on her private life by posting photos from her daily life.

YouTube Career


Amber first started posting videos in 2012, and they started gaining a lot of positive reviews. Some of the most viewed videos on Amber’s channel are “DIY THRIFT STORE PROM DRESS MAKEOVER!”, “DIY THRIFT STORE WEDDING DRESS MAKEOVER!”, and “MAKING A DRESS OUT OF TRASH BAGS!” These videos have been viewed a couple of million times. Her pet dog called George often appears in her videos. The videos on Amber Scholl’s channel have more than 300 million views. She has more than 2 million subscribers so far, which is a significant milestone for any YouTube star.

Amber Scholl Net Worth 2024

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As of 2024, Amber Scholl has a net worth that is estimated to one million dollars, according to some sources. This successful Youtuber makes money by uploading videos on her YouTube channel. Even though Amber has not talked about a property she may own, or any vehicles, we can see that she is successfully supporting herself financially.