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Amanda Balionis Net Worth 2024

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Amanda Balionis is very famous in the broadcasting industry, especially in the sports department, or more accurately in the golf department. Balionis even managed to get to the Super Bowl, and she is quite popular these days. If you want to know more about this talented young lady, and what is her net worth in this 2024, that we suggest that you keep on reading our article.


Amanda Balionis’ zodiac sign is Gemini, as she was born on June 20, 1987. She was born in the United States of America, or more accurately in a town named Pittsburgh, which is located in Pennsylvania in the state of Philadelphia. She doesn’t have any siblings, and she moved with her parents to Lancaster when Amanda was just ten years old. Her father Anthony and her mother Dana were huge fans of sports, and her mom, in particular, was a fan of golf, and that is when young Amanda fell in love with sports. She used to watch her parents enjoy games so much, and she learned to love it all too and enjoy it with her parents.

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Anthony and Dana were also active golf players, and young Amanda would sometimes accompany them. Even her grandparents were such a fan of golf that they created a filed n which everyone could play once in a while when they come to visit them. Amanda went to Township Manheim High School, and after finishing she went to attend Hofstra University, and she graduated from college in 2008 with major in Broadcast Journalism.

Anthony and Dana went to a terrible car crash three years ago, and unfortunately, Anthony lost his life after a couple of months, due to some complications the accident and surgery caused to his organism.


While still at college, Amanda Balionis went on to work for some companies that were sports-related. She was a member of WHRU Radio, the Association of Women in Communications, and The Chronicles Newspaper. She was an intern at CBS 2, ABS News NOW, New York Jets, and New York Islanders.

Upon her graduation, she got a job at Lancaster Newspaper, and she was their employee until 2009. Afterward, she went on to Verizon Sports, and she was a freelance sideline reporter. Before her big job as an anchor, she worked as a volleyball commentator for MSG Network and features reporter for MSG Variety.

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In 2011 Balionis got a job as an anchor, and she reported PGA Tour. She worked there for five years, until finally moving on to Callaway Gold in 2016, and then she started working for Tuner Sports. She reported for the 2016 PGA Championship, and her reporting brought her a lot of popularity, and CBS Sports were soon after on the hunt for Balionis to come and work for them.

Balionis started working for CBS in 2017, and for two years now she is reporting golf games and some other things, like interviews after the match, and she is doing a marvelous job. Balionis even ended up as the CBS’s first chief social media correspondent for the Super Bowl, and the way she is commentating and doing her job brought her a lot of attention and fame.

Personal life

Amanda Balionis is keeping her personal life on the low, and she is giving her best not to give any more information about her personal affairs. Therefore, there isn’t any information about her past dating life. However, Balionis mentioned once how she was in a romantic relationship, but no one could figure out his identity. As of 2019, Balionis is reportedly single, and still on the lookout for that perfect man, the man of her dreams.

Amanda Balionis is very active on social media, and she is currently living in San Diego, a city located in California, in the United States of America. She is living with her dog, a French bulldog called Chorizo.

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Amanda Balionis Net Worth 2024

So far there is information that CBS is paying their workers around $71,000 per year, and what we have managed to gather, from all of her side jobs as well as her main job, Amanda Balionis’ estimated net worth in 2024 is somewhere between $37,000 and $147,000.