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5 Things To Add To Your New Starter’s Workstation

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Whatever the industry, employees will certainly require a few basic materials to complete their tasks. When onboarding new workers, keep a checklist of necessities ready to guarantee everybody is geared up for success from the first day. We’ve compiled a list of items every new employee should have at their desk to get them ready to be a part of your workforce.


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With technology acting as the foundation of day-to-day company operations, every person requires the essential tools required to do their duties. This includes the following:


Every employee used to be given a desktop PC, monitors, mouse, and keyboard. However, today’s mobile population has ushered in the use of mobile devices and laptops. Ensure that your new hire has the essential gadgets, including a comfortable way to port and connect laptops if they are being supplied in favor of a desktop PC.

 Access Card

Do you use keycards to manage your workspaces? Having this card available on the worker’s first day is crucial if this is the case. If staff must ring and wait to be granted access for every potty break, the job will be difficult to start.

Workspace Essentials

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It’s not all electronic. Every workstation should come with the following essential office supplies:


Each workspace should have a waste bin that is regularly emptied. If you can afford a recycling container for your common areas, your ecologically conscious staff will be grateful.

Writing Tools and Pens

Are you among the numerous companies pursuing to be paperless? Even yet, it’s still simpler for employees to quickly fetch a pen and notepad before heading to a meeting. Some people also like writing thoughts down on paper as opposed to using a computer to do so. Just ensure that paper is not wasted or used inefficiently.

Tech Necessities

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Without the appropriate software and account credentials, even though you have all the necessary hardware, it won’t be of any use to your recruits. You’ll need the following stuff for your new employee:

Network Credentials

This should be put in place as soon as the individual starts. Have any papers available before the employee arrives at work if it has to be validated before the user ID is issued.]

Software Access

The individual’s email account should be created as soon as possible, ideally with a welcoming email already prepared. Make sure training is offered for any business-specific programs by granting access to any necessary network drives or unique software as soon as doable.

Workplace Resources

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New workers often need coaching, primarily during their first day. Supply new staff with information that covers the following, whether it is digital or paper-based:

Office Policies and Work Procedures

If you have a formal rules and procedures handbook, send it to the recruit through email or include it in the onboarding. This should address your dress code, attitude toward workplace discrimination, and any other material that all workers should be aware of.


One of the most difficult aspects of a person’s first day is locating crucial facilities such as break spaces and bathrooms. Make a floor map that, if at all possible, shows these crucial locations as well as the locations of the relevant employees’ workstations.

Employee Overview

In addition to identifying colleague workspaces, new employees require contact information that they can quickly reach. Provide a staff phone book and, if necessary, the business-issued cell phone numbers of the individual’s supervisor and closest point members of the team.

A Welcome Gift

Giving a brand new team member a present at onboarding is the greatest way to make them feel at home. Gift baskets are a terrific way to convey how happy you are that this professional is on board. If your firm has branded promotional goodies like beanies or stationery, make sure to add these products since they are a terrific tool for helping personnel feel more engaged with the new group. A refillable water bottle, coffee cup, elegant notepad, pencils, snack foods, or even a gift certificate are all things that work great for workplace welcome presents.

Final Thoughts

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Every employee’s first day may be scary. It may make a worker’s first day much more pleasant if they come to discover fully supplied desks. Along with the proper materials, make sure that different personnel stop by to greet them and you’ll most likely strike the ideal tone.

Remember that onboarding entails more than just paperwork and procedures. Putting the new starting at the center of your onboarding approach — their needs, perspectives, abilities, and potential – may encourage inclusivity, productivity, and engagement.