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8 Gambling Gifts to Buy 

Our society has evolved into a gift-giving one, and even those who like to gamble are part of it. If you have a friend who likes to head to the casino on weekends, but you have no idea what gift to get him the upcoming holidays, then we have the article for you.

1. Personalized Mug

A personalized mug is a go-to gift for everyone. The reason for that is because you can personalize it however you like. You can print on the mug itself, which opens endless possibilities for ideas. If you have a cool picture from his 1st poker winnings, then you can have it printed so he can forever enjoy the moment. You can have something gambling-related written on it, and even get him a mug from his favorite team or casino.

There are also some very cool slogan ideas for gamblers that you can print the mug with, and here are some of them:

No distractions please, I’m thinking about gambling.

I’d rather be at the casino then sit and drink from this mug.

I don’t even fold my laundry.

Best effin’ gambler ever!

I like to party, and by party I mean go to the casino.

Gambling is a problem, only when I lose!

I love it when my wife lets me go to the casino.

The casino took all my money, now I’m going to get it back.

Talk derby to me.

These are only but a few slogan ideas that you can personalize the mug for your friend who likes to gamble.

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2. Casino Gift Cards

Gift cards are amazing since everyone loves them. You can find gift cards for literary everything. From spa treatments to discounts on your favorite food, to even hotels and casinos, gift cards are truly the best when it comes to gifting someone. So, why not give a gambling enthusiast a gift that he can present at his favorite casino? To get a casino gift card, you can purchase it online and present the receipt to the casino.

3. T-Shirt

Similarly to the coffee mug one, a T-shirt can be highly personalized. For a T-shirt gift, you can eighter have a picture printed on it, or a slogan to go along with his passion for gambling. Some of the most popular T-shirt slogans out there are:

Only quitters cash out.

I bet I can give up on my gambling passion.

High rolls.

That’s how I roll.

Let’s roll the dices, cuz life’s a gamble.

All in, brother.

Poker Legend.

Queen of the Slots.

I will bet on anything.

Yeah, my wife is important. But playing poker is more.

Again, you can even come up with your own slogan to make the T-shirt even more unique.

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4. Deck of Cards

If there is something that gamblers want, then that’s a good deck of cards. Cards can be made out of multiple materials that impact their quality. Professional playing cards will never lose their quality since they’re made from plastic. But playing cards can be printed one, and that sparks an idea or two. Another highly personalized gift for any gambling person is to have the cards custom printed. The print could be anything in the world. It could be pictures of your friend, or it could be something else. Use your imagination to come up with something cool that you can print on them.

5. Poker Chips

Is there anything better that you give your gambling friend than a set of poker chips? A full set of poker chips that also contain the little blind, big blind, and dealer chips, as well as a deck of high-quality cards, is probably the biggest gift you can give to someone who enjoys gambling. Furthermore, poker chips let your friend practice and work on his mojo before going to the casino for a quick round on the poker table. Not only will he appreciate the gift for what it is, but it will also help him win big. For a selection of this year’s best poker chip sets, we suggest you give a read to this article from gamblingnewsmagazine.com.

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6. A Mini Slot Machine

A mini slot machine the size of your phone can be the perfect gift for your friend that loves slots. But even if your friend prefers cards, he will still appreciate it since slot machines are iconic in the gambling industry. Mini slot machines can be time killers and can even provide you with hours of entertainment without having to invest any money into it. Simply put it on your table and spin it, who knows maybe it will even help you get better at it.

7. Casino Jewelry

Gambling enthusiasts can be both men and women. We feel as most of these gifts will better suit the male part of the population. So why not mention a gift idea that will appeal to the women out there that like to gamble? Every woman loves jewelry. But the gambling gal will definitely love custom-made casino jewelry from the industry’s most iconic pieces. Some of the most iconic casino jewelry includes poker chips earrings, necklaces with dices, and even a lottery scratcher. However, you’re not limited to only these and you can use your imagination for various other pieces. But do you want to know the best thing about these? They mostly come just under the $15 mark, which makes them super affordable.

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8. Mini Roulette Table

We talked about cards, slots, and even dices, but we never mentioned the iconic roulette table. If you’ve ever been to the casino, chances are you’ve seen a roulette table. Roulette is the most played casino game and one of the most popular. It comes right behind poker as the most iconic casino game and chances are you have a gambling friend who loves it. So, the last gift on our list is a mini roulette table that your friend will absolutely love you. These mostly come in boxes, with one side of the box being the roulette wheel and the other side is the table.