In today’s edition on “Where are they now” were featuring the legendary Atlanta stripper Whyte Chocolate. People that never even been to Atlanta knew about her from the Nelly “Tip Drill” video after Nelly swiped his credit card down her cakes. Whyte Chocolate retired dancing a couple of years ago now, last club I seen her in was Strokers. In person her body looked photoshopped cause it was so perfect. Nowadays she is married and a mom hustling custom designed clothing and accessories on her website You and still tell she was a problem 5-10 years ago in her recent pictures.


  • umm hahz..can you or anyone else here tell me why she’s called whyte chocolate? just curious.

    • duno that question probably only can be answered by her.

      • @hahz, put up some throw back pics of her….i know u can find some so we compare,her then & now……either way id smash tho lol

    • RunTellDat

      @Rash Can you not see that she light skinned? whyte comes from her skin tone, and the fact that she black is where the chocolate comes in im assuming.

    • I think I remember her answering that question back in the day…she said something about her being black n Italian hence “white chocolate”

      • Tony Money

        I heard shawty got that package. People say her husband is a undercover nicca and gave her that package. Dont know if its true or not but that was the word n the streets bout 5 years ago.

        • J.DUB

          She married a dude who used to play for the Falcons. I think his name was Demario Williams.

  • @hahz, I remember her from the “ATL” movie too! She definitely was banging. She still looks very smashable @hahz…..u talking about 5-10yrs ago LOL. Tip drill…I need a tip drill LOL

    • juwellz

      Wow that was her in ATL!

      • Yup she had that pizza walking to her lil beat up altima car LOL. T.I lil brother tried to holla….i dont blame him tho…..she was killin them jeans!!

  • DCAssLuva

    atl and miami strippers i have too visit both citys before i die

    • MoorFedayeen

      Detroit got a million strip clubs too. That 1st pic is a problem

      • Tony Money

        Dont you ever compare detroit strip clubs to atlanta’s or miami’s lol

        • MoorFedayeen

          LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, I would never compare BUT, don’t front on me either. MIA & ATL got some of they baddest broads from out of the Metro Detroit area. I been hearing broads say they heading down there to dance for the past 8 years. Sh1t done got slow up here a lil bit so I aint mad. Detroit n1ggas run circles around ATL, Chicago and West Virgina n1ggas on the hustle tip though. We a different breed.

          • S.W.ATL MADE

            Ha keep believing that it was only one big meech and I remember some niggaz from Arkansas running Detroit back in the day a real nigga is a real nigga and real recognize real no matter where u from ain’t no plugs in Detroit but there are some in ATL and Miami

          • bighomie53

            SHIIIIID @Moor last two sentences!!!!! #CHICITY……

    • dusty

      you guys throw money on strippers who gives you nothing about a dance? SMH WHAts wrong with people


    If she soooo legendary how come I never head of her azz????SMASHABLE tho

    • REX REDBONES!!!!!


      • DCAssLuva

        me either but i didnt wanna be dissing lol i heard of most current and old atl strippers and i never been too atl

      • @Rex u don’t remember Nelly sliding that credit card down the crack of her azz

        • REX REDBONES!!!!

          @queso awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SO THATS HER????????? WELL WELL WELL THEN,LOL……

  • R.E.D.BP Elite

    OHHH #$#$t!!!!………She still fine

    • Yea she was the one wit dat black bikini on in da Tip Drill video…dat big azz booty was rollin like THUNDA ma n1gga.

  • she’s married, yet cats’ talking ’bout “I’d smash” Calm down. Smh

    • Morals dont matter on ans

      • REX REDBONES!!!!

        AND 1,B STRIZZLE

        • And 2

          • 313Deuce

            and 3 and stop wit the damn preaching

          • bighomie53

            And 4,, I’m still smashin married or not!!!!!!! #WP

      • Realtalkldn

        And 5

  • JudgeMeeKnot

    Bruh….I use to go to Strokers just to see Whyte Chocolate back in ’01-’05…Strokers was da sh*t back then. I didn’t know she was married but I think some NFL dude retired her. I remember that butterfly on her stomach.

  • Ricky Fontane

    *jerome from martin voice* Girl u got mo curves than a bottle of coke, and that aint no jooooyoyooke!

    • @ricky Lol dat sh*t had me weak

  • she still looks good, Whyte Chocolate she still got an charmin soft baby ass.

  • DCAssLuva

    thanks yall im bout to watch tip drill idk that was her lol nelly should have made tip drill into a low bucket porno

  • 313Deuce

    man i would still slide a credit down that ass and then some

    • REX REDBONES!!!!!

      Yea sir

      • bighomie53

        And you can tell by that first pic her a** fatter than when she did that video!!!!!

  • wobeli

    She kept that body looking right, I was expecting her to look all sloppy.

  • 828heffe

    Still good to go, That Tipdrill video is legendary!

  • Yeah she right. Idk about the name though lol.

  • tone

    she married to Demorrio Williams he plays for the chargers

  • PaPiChulo

    OG OG


    I guess after them” blowing money fast” boys got done with her in 05 she had to find a big dummy and who are the biggest dummies with a little money nfl players especially linemen but I read some article about dude being bankrupt hope it’s not true and she didn’t spend all his money up or we may be seeing her again in the future

  • Kaito Yamada

    Her butt and hips are too big.

    • 1luv

      When the clothes are off its a different story!