Since everyone is following the same people on social sites its only right that everyone mimics what they see all the time. One of the popular waves on social sites is being healthy, everyone is posting pictures of food to working out with a trainer. Born star Pinky is the latest to catch the health bug. She writes..

Back again with a little proof to my friend that i did indeed workout today lol i wont post every work out but i will post some. i actually enjoy it because i feel like you all are watching me and motivating me just me knowing you will watch it when i post it. thank u for all the love and support i really do appreciate it. my trainer is Deforest Hart

  • still118

    good for her…imagine if she had done this years ago

    • +1 & her and that chick Cherokee d azz. Years wasted being overweight smh….Cherokees wasn’t that bad tho LOL

  • Truthteller

    Im glad to see her tryna get healthy shes only like 4’11 so anythin over like 120-125 makes her start lookin fat my girl is build jus like her only 4’10 140 pounds an I been tryna get her motivated

  • queso (The Corp)

    look like she was tired after 10 seconds…they say sex one of the best ways to loose weight. surprised she ain’t anorexic

    • MoorDetroitRed

      That’s not true. There is no muscle confusion involved, only same repetition and cardio at best.

      Jokes aside Pinky could be a beast again. Idk why she let her body get that bad for so long. She was A-1

      • 850

        @Queso she was doing fine homie. I seen folks that’s out of shape did way worst.

        @Moore she damn sure was. I was looking at her old pics and she was bad as hell when she first stepped into the industry. Everyone wanted to bang that woman hoes included. But all I have to say is “Chanelle Staxxxx” . Now that’s A-1 sauce right there. Look her up!

        • RED(Corp)

          Of course you would like Chanel Staxxx

          She thick chocolate and got a ugly ass face….basically all the things TC stands for

          Can’t front tho her ass would get it

          • 850

            @Red ugly! Well y’all MGC fools are biased and prejudice against chocolate women. So your vote doesn’t count at all Red but Chanel Staxxx is way far from ugly bruh.

      • 850

        Is Pinky working out in a Thong? Never seen that before that’s a new idea ladies!

      • mr.p

        You can’t “confuse” a muscle dumbass.

  • RED(Corp)

    I wish she would get back to that fineness from when I first seen her

    • 850

      @Red so your telling me that Pinky is a dime in the face? And I want you MGC bums to recognize our new company name. BTCW (Beautiful,Thick, Chocolate,Women)

      • BTCW???….bogus…thick…chocolate…women @8fif LOL.

        @toofunny says he’s CEO of u bums….run it by him and see what he says LOL.

        • queso (The Corp)

          Lmao @B @850 yea that shi# is wack son….aint no new name gonna save yall niccas. lol

          • 850

            @B-strait I hear you buddie. All TC members will approve if not I’m open for other name exceptions. BTCW is perfect for our beautiful ebony goddesses. Climb aboard B-strait we have room for you.

            @Queso wack!!!!!!!! lol so wearing tight ass muscle shirts isn’t lol. I had to get you Queso u left yourself open for that one.

          • LOL @queso, right no name Change is gon help teamchocolate.

            Feces,manuer,fecal matter,bowel movement,poop,no matter what u call it…….. is all still “SH*T”!!! Lmao

            MGC>>>>>teamchocolate! Wut up @8fif

          • queso (The Corp)

            @850 I don’t wear muscle shirts son…that’s a regular tshirt…I fit my shirts kid…that’s what happens when u got a chest and arms unlike u teamchoco chicken chest as# niccas lol

          • 850

            @Queso the shirt looks like a extra medium size lol. Chicken chest lol. I put my time in the gym and I don’t get no complaints from the ladies. No lie Queso the first thing a woman ask me “Do you play football”? or Are you a personal trainer. No lie homie real talk.

          • queso (The Corp)

            Lmao @850 extra smedium…

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Nahhhh our name is perfect and straight to the point-Team Chocolate. And every Coalition member isn’t thick or beautiful, but they all bad one way or another.

            Besides BTCW sound too much like BBW

          • President Ward

            My dude 850 built like Terrell Suggs…lol

          • 850

            @Queso & B-strait y’all boys wild-n. I see other corp members disagree. TC it shall remain.

            @ P.Ward I’m close to that size.

  • bignay

    blah blah blah…..Fast forwards to 5.05 mark. Lemme see that body…lol

  • Bob

    Mirabelli? She got some Italian in her? Hmm that would make sense. She very lights skin….but she still supa thick. 🙂

    • 850

      @Bob naw she’s Puerto Rican if I’m not mistaken.

      • mr.p

        Nah black & italian

      • Tina Tally

        She’s black & italian, not puerto rican. Look it up. She tells you exactly who/what she is.

  • Cakes(what we doin’)

    Lmaooooo Pinky looks really…”special” working out short bus shawty lol and come on girl you can rotate your neck better than that, seen you do it before…

    • Hate^^^….@cakes I hope ur on ur fitness as well. The world ain’t kind to big girls…especially in the summer LOL.

      • Cakes(what we doin’)

        Smh Bstrait with the fat i hope you gave that advice to MGC’s 2 top clients a.k.a. the pillsbury dough girls

        • @cakes, what fat jokes?? I was just keeping it 100, big girls get overlooked when the summer arrives…until last call in the club LOL. The less clothes being worn…they worse they look(a man’s perspective). That’s why so many of them be trying to have they titties out so they can get some kind of attention LOL. No jokes…just honesty

          • Cakes(what we doin’)

            Hmmm idk about fat girls getting overlooked especially in the black community…in the club or out and about i mostly see single skiny girls bopping around trying to get a nut..and the heavy ones have a date or are in relationships just a personal observation..but i agree women should focus more on health & fitness but as long as youre comfortable/happy with yourself and youre healthy thats all that matters..

    • queso (The Corp)

      Lmao @cakes yea she did look a Lil tard-ish

  • Queenie

    For a big gyal she luk good.. I admire her bravery cah reality is that a small percentage of women look like these fake batty workout freak urban models, have man looking for these women that dont exist

  • Good for her!!! Something good in the news for once!

  • I hope all the “sistas” catch the workout bug…..tired of seeing sooo many overweight chicks everywhere. 190lbs & up smh pulling down their shirts everytime they move LOL

    • 850

      @B-strait I don’t know about the Chi-women but down here in Fl it’s a lot of sistahs catching the health bug. them sisters be looking at their high school pics and be dwelling on their past. When you go from dudes hollering at you on every corner u bend to just a glance a strong might on that one. It’s eating them alive (conscious wise) and they all know what attracts a man. “A sexy ass fit woman”.

      • I agree @8, in chitown we got a lot of “usta be” chicks. Used to be bad,used to be thick,used to be sexy LOL. I know soo many sistas overweight now it ain’t even funny. They just don’t have the motivation & discipline to get fit. They think a pair of leggins & tight tshirts gon make them look great again LOL….not knowing that they just look like fat chicks in leggins and a tight tshirt!!

        Salute to my sistas who take care of themselves,eat right & burn off them calories.

        • queso (The Corp)

          No doubt….cus these broads don’t even be caring either…Lil as# shirt gut hanging all out….tights on as# all big flat and wide….on top of that walkin down the blockl like they the shi#….it’s them choco niccas fault for still tryna holla gassin them broads up.

          • 850

            @Queso naw bruh I can’t do that to women like that lol. It’s called lying and i’m not good at that lol.

          • LOL hell yeah @queso.

            **@8fif hollas at gabourney sidibe/precious**

            “Ooh baby u look good,look at all that chocolate skin u got….u would look great in a 2piece bikini” LOL

            #extreme gas’n

        • 850

          @B-strait I think all of us men on ANS can name a few bad chicks we went to school with or done banged in the past that let themselves go. It’s sad and pitiful and then they be the main ones that want a Rock look alike or a Morris Chestnut u dig. But them chicks needs to put the time in the gym and earn the body they want. You know whats funny chicks go out an buy a thing called body magic. It will damn sure fool you. But when they take it off it’s a disaster lol.

          • I’ve seen that body magic lmao…u right it will fool u. Once u dance on em and feel it…then the trick is up LOL.

            *dancing on a thick chick*…”damn baby what’s this body armor…what body magic??…give me that drink back..u tricked me” lmao!!

          • 850

            @B-strait Lmao!!!!!!!!!! yeah your right it will & can hurt the hell out of your feelings.

  • President Ward

    Y’all remember Kanye West the new workout plan video….lmao classic sh*t!

  • Rell_1218

    A couple of boys have been seeing her at LA fitness in Marietta, GA

  • 850

    Need a new post!!

  • satch

    that ass was truth when she first came out

  • no hate

    Someone said she was ugly. She always had a certain cuteness to me. Nice shape, just let it go LIKE SO MANY OF US DO. Glad she’s taking this stance. Whatever it is she wants to do once she gets down to her goal, at least she’ll look and feel better doing it.

  • Yeahisaidit

    Well im just glad she doesnt make anymore videos of her FARTING lol! Everybody FARTS but not everyone makes a video of their but hole doing it LMAO! I cant look at her the same after that SORRY! TYPE IN PINKY PORNSTAR FART LOL DISGUSTING!

  • G

    Cant be that healthy she still got herpes