50 Cent speaks on French Montana and shares exclusively with Big Boy what French Montana did for him when 50 was beefing with his now brothers, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled. You could see french in the background of the Cocaine City interview as 50 is speaking that truth.

What’s y’all thoughts on this? Its definitely not a good look for French Montana if this turns out to be true.

50 Cent tells Big Boy how French Montana Sold DJ Khaled Out

And if you forgot..check out the video below that French shot…

‘A Psychic Told Me…’- [Shot By French Montana]

Check Out 50 Cent & French Montana A Few Years Ago Right Before The Khaled Incident Took Place!!

  • MoorFedayeen

    Wavy Crocket may as well be dead with 50 yrs on his head and French is dried up, wack before he been here a year. Old azz n1gga posing with freshmens on XXL. LOL at 50 talkin in the last vid. Love when he talk like that. Just don’t understand why he so concerned or even has time for beef with all the ventures he’s in.

    FED magazine for lames and has beens. Only dirt hustlin losers read it.

  • Playboy69

    WOW!…Hip-Hop in 2013 is going be interesting year…Gotta luv it!

  • BzB

    fiddy is a ruthless dude. he’ll bully dudes just for fun and french trying to talk back just makes it worse. woulda been better off just ignoring fif or not mentioning his name in the first place.

    • NoWhiteINmyCup

      Hahaaaa , I been telling yall when it come to this beef RAP shiiit of wax, 50 is beyond a beast and this is just probably the beggining WOW.

      50 built for this shiiit, think about it he is surrounded by boddyguards all day, live in HARTFORD CT, because he is still paranoid, doesnt do U.S clubs, so basically this is is outlet, French boy boiiii lol

  • big bread

    Idk why French even got this dude started. 50 not known for bluffing. Just ask buck and how he felt when 50 leaked the convo of him crying

  • real g

    fifty is a liar thats why i wont listen to his story he said the twitter beef was fake, he said he will ruin ross career cause he got conect in wb and def ross still in hip hop

    • MASSACRE210

      how do you know 50 a lier?. were you there 24/7 or you just going off of these blogs and rappers makin shit up? please do tell.

      • King_777

        How you know isnt lying @massa ???



  • Birdman202

    You do stuff like and this and you got the police with you. You cross the lines one day somebody’s gonna kill this guy. all this he doing is too keep his face on the scene before he started running with floyd he was a hermit. And nobody will tell him he’s wrong like their scared even when he do interviews they tip toe around. He’s a bully with money so people always giving him a pass for doing that bullshit.

    • NoWhiteINmyCup

      aGREE he got the police and secret service with him, thats why i dont agree with all his BS and Tuff Guy talk, he a clown for alot of shiit, but at same time, French brought this on himself so it is what it is, when it comes to fake rappers getting exposed “all is fair” PopCorn OUT

  • NoWhiteINmyCup


    50 while i hate alot of BS he does, you gotta love homie, “what is state of interscope if he is the greatest artist ” lol,

    If you a hood or street n.gga you cant hate on 50 because you understand the whitty slick ways and success that he has garnished, i dont agree on all shiiit he does but feel him on this