Top 10 home grown models in spandex (2-9)

· February 9, 2011

*R Kelly’s voice* girl you know you got a body-yadi. No matter where you go whether it’s the gym or the night club women are rocking tights. Spandex can make a sloppy thick ass look right I know some of y’all got tricked out there. Here is the top 10 hump day models in tights. Which pics are your favorite?

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  1. D'mage' says:

    In the rain on the picnic table bringit…..

  2. phil says:

    I love spandex…that girl with those dirty socks need to stop it..

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      lol that’s just a bad pic all around. I know she been walking around in them but that’s a bad look. I don’t like crotch shots either.

  3. Bigstax39 says:

    Damn # 5 Nd 6 are bad as hell. Gotta give it up to da latonas. They gota be the best joints walkin on earth and cubana lust is lookin fit as ever. Dat Ass is back on point

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    Cubana got that nice “tuck” and so does DR. It’s between those two. Cubana got it

    • Mr leftfoot says:

      @moor I agree big homie cubana got them all beat…Honorable mention #2 #5 #7…what up wolfpack?

    • jfizzle says:

      I must saw Mz DR has looked good in the last 2 post. If she combines her look in this pic and her other bikini pic we got a winner.

      • 850boi says:

        Ya’ll sleeping on #1,8,9,2. Those are the chicks I would roll with just cause everyone is fighting over Cubana and Dr. Wassup “wolf pack” fam how’s it going today fellas.

  5. BigHRD2 says:

    Spandex does make any old ass looks goog LOL

  6. B strait up says:

    ahh spandex, a womans answer 2 really working out 2 tighten up her body lol. So ok I’m gon b strait up a few of these pics are lookin damn good,cubana,chick in the red shorts(big ass),lady in purple & the chick n the glasses in the last pic. All of them are good honestly but nowadays tooo many chicks are rocking spandex aka leggins 2 make themselves appear 2 have a great body when truthfully they know damn well they look bad in the nude or wearing any other material lol. Fat girls luv spandex & the chicks that aren’t really blessed with a body are leggins lovers too. So as much as I luv lookin @ a woman wit a great body n spandex,chicks are rocking it 2 hide their bodies & giving off a false perception that they have a body,strait up. Wolfpack,chitown!

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

      You ain’t never lie, B. I recently met this chick, 29 years old, who rocks black spandex, all the time. She looked good in it and it appeared that she had some rump to go along with her thick-um thighs. Needless to say, once I got her outta her clothes, I was mucho disappointed. The spandex concealed the fact that she has a flat white girl ass and much too much gut! The shot was good so I will keep her on the team, for now. Howver, I will encourage her to do some crunches and lunges!

      • B strait up says:

        @40, lol yeah these chicks will try & fool a dude. At least she got a good shot(that ray allen) on her,strait up!

        • 850boi says:

          @ Forty and fly man kenfolk we all been there with that. Nowa days they have this thing called “The Body Suit” when I tell you this shit will make a woman look like she’s a brick house fellas i’m telling you it had me fooled. Basically all it does is hide the gut and make the ass look bigger now that shit will have you surprised. They need to stop inventing stuff like this for women who has a bad body. Wolfpack style Howwwwlllllllllll!!!!!!

  7. mr.portcity says:

    Spandex gives u something to look some good and some bad ..I’m just old enough to remember the biker shorts craze…the good old around the way girl days… I’m going with 2…problem pics are dirty socks girl and miss koi in red she looks fat…6 looks like she has on a cup

  8. biggs313 says:

    Miss Koi killed everybody on dis one…damn she got asssss!

  9. kila says:

    Oh my damn

  10. Samanosuke says:

    Is it just me, or is #4 showing off some tampon string? Either way full-on crotch shots are tasteless, especially with dirty socks.

  11. no hate says:

    #5 stomped on my emotions, threw ‘em in a trash bag, and sat it on the curb a day early! No, it doesn’t make sense… And neither did what I just saw– Goodness.

  12. lonestar playa says:

    #5……my goodness! From the front she GOTS to b workin wit sum’n in the back!

  13. 3773fm says:

    man god sure does bless!!!!!!! ALL ARE STUPID FINE

  14. T-JOE says:

    SHHIIIIIIITTTTTT!! (Senator R. Clayton “Clay” Davis From The Wire)

  15. MICHAEL says:

    number 6 got that “GAP” lettin the brreze blow on that fav!!!!

  16. ginobli says:

    all i want to say is camel toe in the gray good gosh

  17. 850boi says:

    1****.2.5.8***.9 I ain’t going to lie 4 can get it to. But that damn 1,2,8,9 I don’t know who to give to out of them four. I love all four of them I guess it will all boil down to their personalities. They sexy as hell.

  18. laker1 says:

    Ms Koi has that biggg ole donk! Damn

  19. Torres, M says:

    Just because I some what am in love with Miss Koi and she follow me and down to earth. I’m rocking wit her. Still waiting on your talk show love lol

  20. Stezo says:

    #4—got dayum…hold that position while i while i get some whipped cream.

  21. jerseybrotha says:

    Frankly I hope that she is a dirty as her socks!

  22. TYBO2020 says:


  23. Moula says:

    That’s my b1tch Bella in the last pic, Damn!

  24. scoot says:

    leg up is crazy!

  25. the bruh that commented on the dirty socks, them sh1ts is made funny dawg! Number 4 is madddd ridiculous!!!

  26. tommy williams says:

    for the best looking women in spandex you have only to go to ANY NBA professional basketball game to see the NBA DANCERS!!!,and for the hottest woman ever to wear spandex check out……….www.Myspace/sixersdancers…….in particular dancer KATE BEAVER!!!…………( = Kate Beaver )

  27. J says:

    Model 8 is fine ass fuck anyone kno who she is i bet her feet pretty 2

  28. Romeo says:

    Wats that girl with the grey turtle neck. White glasses and navy blue spandex

  29. Romeo says:

    Wats that girl with the grey turtle neck. White glasses and navy blue spandex name

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