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Morning Thickness : Alaya Lee (Video)

Alaya Roses and Cash from MJ FLIX on Vimeo.

Video of Alaya Lee MJ Flix photo shoot with some roses & cash. I think Rick Ross had her on his mind when he made “Money makes her cu*”.

Twitter @MeanGirl_ALAYA

What are your measurements?

What do you like to do on weekends and/or in your spare time? What are you most passionate about?
I like to relax on the weekends and go to the beach, I’m very passionate about my job, I throw myself into work

How often do you work out?
Never. I work so much it pretty much does the same thing

How did you get into modeling?
One day I just decided I wanted to be more than just s entertainer(dancer) so I tried it out and I had a good response

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