Some night club thickness with pictures from Tahiry,Yaris Sanchez,Remi Belle and Bambi in the club. Tahiry was in the club on her grizzley selling those calendars,she was looking old in the face with all that cake up on though.Picture #4 is Bambi Tuesday’s donk of the day. Who would you have holla’d at?

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  • bigstax35

    jazzi belle lookin phat as hell !!!!!! and tahiry lookin type hit in the face but body is lookin crazy

    • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

      Tahiry, is looking old as hell with all that make-up!

  • blogettee

    Since when were seats made to be stood on instead of sat on ?

  • seanjohn100

    Destroy these pics…..all of them!

    • Poppichuloco

      Now hold on for a minute Big Sean, I would agree with you except for the last photo. I would schedule on the same day a fu@k session with each one having one for breakfast, one for lunch and Yaris a$$ for dinner. I believe you can’t throw the baby out with the bath, you just can’t!

      Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • mr.portcity

    Damn ol girl 4_eva baby looking f**ked up and jazze belle in pic 1 plus the jury still out on that bambi chick sorry

  • MoorFedayeen

    Damn ya’ll goin hard in here. Errbody lookin good cept “Bambi”-not sure if that even a woman but lil momma with the tatts could get it in the worst way. I just saw her in Yung Herb, I MEAN, Yung Bergs vid, 72 hours, and I was blown back. She look like fun.

    Hahz you should bring that vid from WSHH just to see what cat think of her since she’s featured.

  • Seattleslim

    I don’t see no remi belle!!! Smh.

  • jay

    very week photos yikes

    • BigBlackDude

      @jay, $hit man, its because of the economy!

  • pic 4 than pic 2 followed by pic 1 she’s not the prettiest but she is running the ass department

  • skydiver215

    more bambi!! c’mon yall i think Hahz wouldn’t keep throwing her out there if he didnt think she was a official

  • Cakes

    Only Tahiry (even with all her makeup) and the girl in pic 9 next to Yaris look can tell the one with the tats is really cute but she’s looking a little to freaky with all those tats and piercings

  • Drestackones

    Hot pink pants DAMN Yaris sell p$$$ bring a stack

  • CJ

    all they want is money, when the money run out, they out. ijs