T.G.I.F and thanks for curvasous models.. Here is today’s top 20 Atlnightspots models. Who deserves the #1 spot?

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Jay-Z Talks LeBron James, Cavaliers’ Loss

  • T-JOE

    Hahz, you did dat. U just set the weekend off on the right note. Dats What It Iz(Billy Blue Voice)

  • blackmike3gt

    number 1,5,6,10 and 19…number 19 is the sexiest…and 10 is the overall finest of the bunch…

  • D

    Mayb you meant #11 the finest, but #13 hands down is me all the way!!!

  • Cold and hot

    Shawty on her knees yessir!! And baby girl in the blue with butterfly tatoo on her ass yessir again.

  • DtownBiz

    #5 ez… um um um

  • Mike Lowery

    2-6, 10, 16, and damn I never know glitter could look that good.

    • Mike Lowery

      ” Damn I never knew glitter could look that good.

  • B937



    #1,2,5,6 Lookn good in that chair…. 11,12,13,14,15,16. #14 waist down is ridiculous!!


    blackmike3gt u r gay


    whats the name of the blond bitch

  • southwest

    One of the best posts in a while. Fire.


    #14, WOW, WOW, WOW……

  • datninja

    Damn, one of 12’s cheeks is causing a solar eclispe on the other!

  • In my opinion i’d would have to say #1,4,5,7 it would be a draw between the four of them.

    • 13,14,16 yeah they look yummy as well those are my favorite choices.

  • Philly Phreak

    All of them are tight

  • Thank the Lord for these beautiful black women!!!!