‘Streets’ Official Movie Trailer starring Meek Mill, Tray Chaney, Sparks, Gillie

· August 29, 2012

Streets is a dramatic tale of seventeen year old Nichole Gordon who begrudgingly moves to Philadelphia.”Streets” comes on TONIGHT at 10PM on BET!

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  1. Teddy Rosevelt says:

    These movies, always virtually have the same damn plot, just shown from a different characters perspective. They feed you the same siht.

  2. Now Thats Pcp says:

    I seen this same movie for 22 yrs

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    Wtf this thing been on the shelf until somebody picked it up because Meek still got braids?Aint nobody checking for movies nowadays really especially if its a low budget same drug, murder plot sh1t like this.

  4. acv66 says:

    it was a good movie , haters will hate without even watching the movie . get a life quick

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      I guess that was directed at me. Well a lot can be told about a person just by looking at their spouse and the same can be said about the type of music they listen to, the books they read or the type of films they watch. This a simple azz movie, that you liked it which makes you a simple azz nicca. Now hate on that.

  5. K-iller says:

    This sh!t was extra wack! SMH

  6. Jamez says:

    gimme a love jones type of movie over this yet anther fast life drug murder black film

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