Part time Actress and full time MILF Stacey Dash’s Smooth magazine pictures and interview.Stacey talks about Jamie Foxx, love, se* and about cooking. Stacey reveals that after sleeping with her ex-husbands on the first night, they proposed a week later. That’s a grown as woman move who knows what she wants and knows the power of her Pu$$y. Propz Pookie Cuzzin & Indo on the scans

Smooth: What can a man do to make you melt?
Stacey Dash: Make me laugh. If you can make me laugh, you’re in.

Smooth: Is there anything physical that you look for in a man? Do you have a type?
Stacey Dash: There’s nothing physical that I specifically have to have. Oh, maybe nice hands. Nice hands are very important.

Smooth: Finish this sentence: I feel most se*y when…
Stacey Dash: I feel most se*y when I’m in love. My stomach flips. I get bu**erflies.

Smooth: Would that describe your relationship with Jamie Foxx?
Stacey Dash: We’re friends. We like each other. We have fun together. We hang out. He makes me laugh.

Smooth: He sounds like a pretty good fit for you.
Stacey Dash: He might be. I don’t know. At the moment, I’m staying single and he appreciations that.

Smooth: We came across something tha said that Jamie was talking about certain…intimacies.
Stacey Dash: What do you mean by intimacies?

Smooth: It said you’d had se*.
Stacey Dash: He didn’t say that. You can’t believe what you read.

Smooth: Set the record straight for us.
Stacey Dash: If that had happened, I would admit it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Smooth: Has Jamie done anything romantic for you?
Stacey Dash: Yes, he took me to the Oscars. We went to all the Oscar parties. That was really romantic. We had a really nice time.

Smooth: What’s your definition of love?
Stacey Dash: I think love is amazing. I’m in love with love. I just don’t know what it is in a relationship yet. I’ve been marrried three times and divorced three times. At this point, I’m trying to fall in love with myself. And hopefully after I do that, I’ll be able to fall in love and stay in love with someone else.

Smooth: Do you think you’ll ever get married again?
Stacey Dash: I never say never. It’s whatever God’s will is. But I hope so. I think marriage is a beautiful thing.

Smooth:We heard somewhere you slept with all your husbands on the first night. Is that true?
Stacey Dash: Yes, I slept with all my husbands on the first night. And they said, “Marry Me” and I said, “yes.”

Smooth:They asked you that day?
Stacey Dash: Like, maybe a week later.

Smooth: Wow, you must have done some special things to them. Is that something you’d do again?
Stacey Dash: No, I’m not doing that anymore. At the moment, I’m holding the kitty hostage. I’m trying to do things differently.

Smooth: How do you know when it’s right to go there with a guy?
Stacey Dash: I don’t know. It’s not something that I predict, but it’s something that I’m trying to figure out. I’ve been engaged six times and married three, so this is my first time being single. What I’m trying to figure out is how to get to know someone when the attraction is not strong at first. Does it come over time? I don’t know. There are these men that you meet and the attraction is instant. You just want to bed with them right there. But I’m not doing that. I’m trying to see where the middle ground is at.

Smooth: Would you say that you’re romantic?
Stacey Dash: Yes, I’d say that very much so.

Smooth: What’s something romantic that you do for someone you’re seeing?
Stacey Dash: I’ll surprise them when they come home with a se*y outfit and some music and candies.

Smooth: They say the way to a man’s heart is through this stomach. Can Stacy Dash cook?
Stacey Dash: Stacey Dash can cook. But let’s get it straight: I don’t like to cook. If I’m in the mood, I can cook, but I don’t want you count on me to cook for you every day, because it’s not going to happen.

  • bighomie53

    I love stacey dash, she so super sexy & thick!!! She’s just right!!! She the type of girl you can lay up wit after you smash & not get irritated!!!!! Dont she just look so soft!!! “DAMN”

  • TruDat

    Jamie will be her 4th ex husband. LOL

    • WHOD

      I’ll be the 5th

      • Lesbian Lady

        Shit, can i be the 6th?? Wives never get divorced! lol… i’ll love to marry her!

  • jfizzle

    I’ve been on her since ’88 when she was in the movie “Moving”. And that was 22 years ago. She still looks like she could play a college chick in “Clueless 2”. Black don’t crack

  • Denzel Sausagetion

    pass dis b1tch got more miles on her than montana deleon and meylssa ford put together

  • MoorFedayeen

    I miss her era before the invasion of donks. Behinds didn’t matter a whole lot back then. No one looks at the balance or beauty anymore. I was young when I saw her in “Mo Money” and I thought she was the most beautiful thing. Even if she could rewind the clock to her 20s I doubt many would pay her much mind nowaday. Now if her ass was phat….

    “You like a b*tch wit no ass, you aint got sh*t” -Lil Wayne

    I hate the fact that this is somewhat if not all true. smh

    • melloluver

      I’m feeling your comments but I’m the guy that loves a phat @§, but will pass on it when sexiness is a factor. @§ without sex appeal is a waste, but sex appeal without @§ is beauty. melloluver



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  • This chick goes hard and never ages. Perfect example of good genes and keeping ur health and body up. These new video “models” need to take a lesson.

  • Navybluesilk

    Good Lord! I can’t believe Stacey Dash is still this fine!! She is like 45 years old and she looks tasty, delicious and incredible! I want to rub cocoa butter all over her honey-coated skin! I definitely have to cop this issue.

  • tonya bryant

    She still looks great at 44.I wish I will look that good at 44.

  • English

    she only likes white boys