Wake up next to Mia Bunny who is all natural in the thickness department and packaged for perfection & erections. Mia is standing 5’4 with the measurements of 34-28-46 and is only 21 hailing from Toronto. You can see her on her website MiaBunny.com,the latest Smooth magazine Jamaica or on Summerbunnies.com. If your not impressed by now she speaks English, French, and Spanish fluently. You can follow her on Twitter @MiaBunnyDotCom . What do you rate Mia Bunny?

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  • Forty and Fly guy

    Nice! She looks better in the video than she does in the photos!

    • moorfedayeen


    • jfizzle

      So true my brother so true!!!! That’s how they doing in Canada?

  • captainjohn

    got a lil fatty but not a donk

    • nat

      Shut the fuck up.

  • MisterMidas

    After that first picture, I was sold. My expression when I saw that pic was literally “Ggaawwddd DAMN!!” And that’s about all that needs to be said.

  • Bigstax39

    First photo is BAD !! But the rest ehh. She a buttahead, but body is lookin type right !! Rate her a strong 8

    • moorfedayeen

      She snapped on Krapemel, I mean Karamel, with that first pic alone! Back to the baddest the net got to offer and later for K. Niggs didn’t like that last post of her so we Mike Vickin her! F*ck outta hea!

      Ohhhh & how the F*CK you gonna call this woman a butta head, Big????
      I highly doubt you EVER hit a chick of this caliber in ya life while you acting Hollywood. You n1ggas kill me…no seriously!

      • jfizzle

        Yo Moor dude got to be joking, trying to stir sh!t up, cuz no one who has the blessing of sight is gonna call her a buttahead. He trying to get you going bro. BTW, nice find Hahz

  • cameo

    she’s Ok right now, but you can tell she’s not active. She needs to address her diet before her fountain of youth runs out. All these fat models are cute, but they get too sloppy looking. If she lost 10 lbs, you’d see what I mean, she’s a 7

  • moorfedayeen

    I said all that b4 I even watched the damn vid. Swear to god I didn’t think that was her wit all jelly when the vid came on. This broad is OFFICIAL. If you hate on her you need ya head checked (both of ’em)!

    Now she deserve 70+ comments and an interview. 9.5 off the ass

    • Poppichuloco

      Thank you brotha, you see that propaganda shit going on with that average chick with donk? Let’s get back to business!

      Stay thirsty!

  • lonestar_playa

    @moorfedayeen…..calm down playa lol! U sound like u finna have a heart attack if nobody likes dis gurl……I’m witcha tho mayne she bangin.

  • gizzy

    For real lol. Cutie wit a booty

  • she’s hot & you say she all natural,she officially a certified “bedroom buddy” strait up!

  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Man girls be demeaning their ownselves, How shawty gone try to treat her a put a drink on her ass, shiid do the Nelly and swipe some plastic thru it why don’t you…. We gotta do betta… DAMN!

    Oh Hahz is the shorty in the white dress posing w/her in pic #8, shorty is deserving of a post.

    And Bruh’s let’s leave K (Karamel) alone she did her time, let’s move on, my chi-town shawty nice, but she ain’t killing Keani Cochelle, Bria, or that Jamaican chick on a few post back, so let’s give her props and let her Be, she did her thang, na “on to the next one”!

    Chi-City One Luv!!!

    • lol wut up blue big homie! Man I’m wit you all the way,tooo many dudes got emotional ova our hometown hottie. Dudes was hatin,stalking her & even dissing her friends lmao. All that over a few pics,lets keep it pimpin & move on,strait up! “the go”

      • Mo-Z said that

        I f*cks with both of yall- we need A CALI Chich on these post other than bria tho!

        • I hear you mo-z but “damn” if bria aint a helluva cali chick wit her sexy thick chocolate ass,strait up!

  • simply sexxy

  • DHaynes

    We are going to leave the past “Ladies” in the past and move on to this one…
    Pics were str8, but once I watched the video, I was hooked! In a word, DAMN! Short and thick… All I can say is that is a beautiful site. Keep it pushin fellas!

  • t-tyme

    she str8 in my book, she can get it all day long!!!

  • Mr leftfoot

    she a solid 8

  • d

    I looked at the pics and said oh she cool until i seen the video she strapped!!! Them pics dont do her justice take them down!!

  • Xenos

    Went a wee bit over board with the make-up, but otherwise this a banging find hahz. 8.5 from me.

  • I’ll jus’ say that this is my first time seeing this lady…ever, & jus’ by looking at this one clip, I’m now a fan of hers, she’s FINE AS HELL!!! PEACE!!!

  • 79

    This yella gurl is a a problem

  • Mo-Z said that

    Hahz I have an Idea can yu have A best homegrown collection contest with at least 30 homegrown each, to see what everybody preferes, because obviously, were going back and forth about who’s badder !

    anybody who agrees reply to me

    • Chicago “Blue” Green

      2nd the motion

  • sammo

    don’t mean to go off topic here but dat is one weak ass too short!!!!!!!….but as for shorty i give her a 9….she’s fire…

    • DHaynes

      Come on Sammo… That Too $hort was jammin! Took me back to tha old dayz for a minute! “So what are you sayin Todd?” Then that beat drop… That was tha SHIT!!

  • trap101

    DAMN! I’m up here in Toronto, I ain’t never heard or seen this broad before. Shiiiittt if I did I don’t think homegirl would even be having a chance to take all these pics I’d have her in the bed all day…..

  • Where do ATLnightspots get these nasty hoes from?

  • morfedayeen

    ^^You trippin bro. What’s nasty about her? Not an ounce of stomach and she got a pretty face. It aint often I come back to look at a chick but on this one I had to. I just read the info and see she has a 46″. Buffy is 44″. Can’t believe this chick’s ass is bigger then Buffy’s and Maliahs. F*ckin Rediculous!

  • MiamiThree

    Haha, Sarah done went and got internet famous.

    She used to run with Tanya Lieder aka Sexi Barbie. Aaliyah Mariah too if I’m not mistaken.

    All from Toronto.

  • SWAG


  • I like the 1st picture. Mia’s booty is all shiny!!

  • Gel Head

    Damn!! Mia is smoking hot, she has nice ass!!

  • Gel Head

    Damn!! Mia is hella sexy, she has a nice ass!!

  • Jo Snelling

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