Model Of The Moment Stephanie Santiago

· January 9, 2011

Stephanie Santiago is about that green and black she could of been that x factor to why the Jets beat the Colts surprisingly Sunday. Stephanie is 5’7 with the measurements of 34-27-39 weighing 145 pounds. What do you rate her?

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  1. seanjohn100 says:

    Fuk yes..this chick is sexy ass hell

  2. Cakes says:

    I need 2 see her on video because you know how the picture game goes, but from what I see 9-9.5

  3. Spook says:

    i give her a 9

  4. Cold and hot says:

    Them damn Latin chicks, man I tell you!!

  5. Mike Larry says:

    she real sexy for sure

  6. B strait up says:

    nice pics,nice face & nice body! Ms. Santiago is niiice lol,strait up!

  7. TruDat says:

    The epitome’ of “SEXY”………………

    One Love

  8. d says:

    she cute…..but no azz

  9. t-tyme says:


  10. nosoldier17 says:

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  11. 850boi says:

    Yeah she tight work!!! Yo Hahz I know we moved on to this post. But from the Weekend Wifey’s post is there anyway that we can get some Homegrown pics of #5,7,1,8? Man them chicks are killing it super hard.

  12. JDANGLA says:

    Fella’s Here is your “RATING SCALE” im gettin tired of mafucca’s just throwing out numbers just cause !! SMH ! BODY RATE 1-5 , FACE 1-5 THERE ARE SOME BONUSES FOR PERSONALITY, WALK, TALK, ETC 1-3. THIS LADY FROM PIC TO PIC IT VARIES FACE 4.5 BODY 3.5 = 8

  13. JDANGLA says:


  14. PLAYA says:


  15. Poppichuloco says:

    Yo, I see mad different backgrounds in all of her homegrown pics, what is she… A Prostitute???

    Stay thirsty!

  16. BIG EL says:

    I GIVE HER A 9.5!!!

  17. trap101 says:

    Ese mamita alli puede recibir la culebra.

  18. sammo says:

    she all bout her green and i’m all about getting in between…lol….but on a serious note she is sexy as fuck!!!

  19. sexytodamax says:

    she got some cute nails, but as far as her looks, she tries to hard.

  20. Moula says:


  21. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    She’s a dimepiece!!

  22. kenneth.b says:

    She’s so DAMN hott!!!

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